New York based alt-gazers ‘Vivienne Eastwood’ have unleashed a staggering new single entitled ‘Messy’, lifted off their forthcoming EP, penned in for release on October 6th 2016. This new single & forthcoming EP follows on from the only single released to date by the band, the fantastic ‘Rose Pedals’, a track that gets regular airplay over on our sister radio station Primal Radio! So you can guess that we’re really excited about this latest single and the forthcoming EP. ‘Vivienne Eastwood’ are a fuzzy reverberating slice of quality, melody driven brilliance who create stunning, layered soundscapes that simply fly!

‘Messy’ is a floating sonic monolith, full of beautifully translucent effervescent tones and golden hued frequencies that envelope the senses and and aid floatation through the mechanisms of sound. Vocally sublime, it soars through its hazy progressions with ease, drenched in reverb and pulsing fuzzy melodies.

Recommended listening!