Washington based noisy shoegaze quartet ‘Venn’ have unleashed a marvellous new track entitled ‘Surreal’ lifted off their forthcoming debut EP penned in for release later in the year. Its taken the band almost two years to perfect a sound that fits into what they love about shoegaze & dream pop and we think this new single is absolutely sublime! The band are made up of Jon Fetahaj, Gabe Earle, Julian Earle & Holden Cihelka and you can buy/download this new single right now via: venn-dc.bandcamp.com

‘Surreal’ is mesmerisingly explosive! It’s full on and it takes no prisoners as it soars into the ether on wings of sublime reverberation and punchy instrumentation. It’s fragile vocals swirl and undulate on a bedrock of humming bass frequencies and shimmering guitar lines as it’s percussive swagger explodes into glorious sonic shards. Absolutely stunning and definitely ones to watch throughout 2017.