One of our favourite bands here at the Primal Music blog, the brilliant ‘Ummagma’, release their dreamy track ‘Winter Tale’ and it’s stunning accompanying A.R Kane remix to the masses on January 12th 2017. ‘Ummagma’ are the Canadian based duo of Shauna McLarnon & Alexander Kretov who collectively create beautifully intense sonic soundscapes that touch the outer reaches of shoegaze whilst swirling deftly through a world of electronically charged ethereal dream pop. The band have joined forces on the B – Side of this release with a seductive remix courtesy of celebrated dream pop pioneer and 4AD recording legend A.R.Kane who lends his immensely dissonant touches to the breathless ‘A.R Kane Mix 69 Style’ which along with a radio edit book ends this impressive three track release.

‘Winter Tale’ was originally released as part of the the bands ‘Frequency EP’ back in December 2015 and it swoons into audible range held fast within a blissfully ethereal bubble, seductively filled with glorious vocalisations, almost subliminal sequenced percussive hits and rather impressive electronic instrumentation courtesy of the amazing Alex Kretov. McLarnon’s vocals are deliciously harmonious as they meld effortlessly with those sweeping synth laden drones and the reverb heavy instrumentation coupled with intensely peaceful sonic textures to create a festive sonic soundtrack perfectly positioned for this time of year.

‘Winter Tale’ is available to buy/download right now from