UK based garage-psych five piece ‘The Goa Express’ have been making serious waves on the live scene with their tripped out brand of fuzzed up hypnotically charged psychedelia brilliantly underscored with a citric slice of angry punk rock and subtle blues connotations for good measure. Now the band have unleashed a brand news single entitled ‘Goa/Kiss Me’ on the ever reliable UK based independent record label ‘Wrong Way Records’. The single was released back on the 11th August 2017 and is available to buy right now on various formats including a very limited double a sided sky blue 7″ single, housed in a full colour sleeve via

‘Goa’ opens in a blur, wrapped up in a fast paced blast of garage-psych. Fuzzed out guitars swirl brilliantly in amongst lysergic synth swells and charging percussion that collectively circumnavigates an impressive vocal. There’s a subtle hint of surf blues that surfaces thorough the layers of reverberation at different stages along the way adding a little slice of west coast finery to proceedings whilst ‘Kiss Me’ teeters precariously on a repetitive guitar progression and swirling organ sounds as shimmering tambourine and pounding drum patterns accompany an impressive dual vocal attack.