Tennessee based fuzzy shoegaze trio ‘Tape Deck Mountain’ have unleashed the first single, entitled ‘Loopers Of Bushwick’, from their forthcoming four track EP ‘I Will Break You Up’. The EP is penned in for released on October 8th 2016 and it follows on from 2013’s impressive full length LP ‘Sway’. The band are made up of Travis Trevisan – guitars/vocals, Andy Gregg – drums & David Sullivan – bass and the EP is available pre-order on various formats right now from tapedeckmountain.bandcamp.com

‘Loopers Of Bushwick’ is steeped in a delicious slacker shoegaze vibe with lazily executed vocal progressions coupled with throbbing baselines, hazy guitars, steadying percussion and layers of gloriously addictive swirling reverberation. Recommended listening for sure!