Icelandic experimental neo-psych aficionados ‘Singapore Sling’ have unleashed the first single entitled ‘Evil Angel’ to be lifted from their forthcoming highly anticipated ninth studio album ‘Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing)’ due for release in February 2017 via the purveyors of all things psych ‘Fuzz Club Records’. Formed back in 2000, ‘Singapore Sling’ are credited as being one of the originators of this experimental modern day psych scene with their music continuously being mentioned as influential to many of the newer psych bands releasing music within the scene today. As usual, ‘Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing) is available to pre-order right now from

‘Evil Angel’ stews menacingly deep within a discomforting psychedelic brew as those seriously off putting horns lounge precariously on top of a fuzzy undulating bass line. The lingering reverberation of the guitars and the turbulent shaking of  a motorik percussive beat adds dark atmosphere as Henrik’s impressive echoing vocalisations swirl effortlessly into the ether . ‘Evil Angel’ is very experimental and fans of ‘Singapore Sling’ will notice it from the off but don’t be fooled, this track is genre defining and that only bodes well for the full album release.