London based purveyors of all things psych ‘Fuzz Club Records’ have announced another addition to their already immense roster of artists. Hailing from Mexico City, ‘Has A Shadow’ create a brand of dark and ritualistic modern day psych gaze that heaves and undulates through swathes of unabashed reverberation and driving instrumentation tinged with menacing gothic tones. The band have just announced announced a brand new single to coincide with them signing to Fuzz Club entitled ‘The Flesh’ with the full album extravaganza penned in for release in January 2017. This new single follows a run of EU dates that included an appearance at Liverpool Psych Fest and shows with LSD & The Search for God, TAU and The Jabberwocky Band.

‘The Flesh’ pulsates and swirls on undulating waves of dark instrumentation that includes throbbing bass lines, reverb laced organ swells, repetitive percussion, fuzz -laden guitars and those hauntingly good vocalisations courtesy of Daniel Garciano.


As usual the full album will be available to pre-order very soon via