Our good friends ‘The Orange Kyte’ have unleashed what we think is their most grooviest track to date in the guise of ‘Octopus Shoes’. This latest track is their 10th of 12 singles that continues on their rather interesting sonic manifesto of releasing one single-a-month for 2016 and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. Collaborating this time with Matty Reed on sax alongside the now-consistent live unit of Moonboots (Guitar and Vox), Dave Mulvaney (Drums), Mat Durie (Organ and Guitar) and Robin Schroffel (Bass, Vocals), ‘Octopus Shoes’ is available to buy/download right now from: theorangekyte.bandcamp.com

‘Octopus Shoes’ catches you from its opening organ hook and sweeps you up with it as the track pulses a progressive wave of driving percussion, throbbing bass frequencies and swirling guitars out into the atmosphere. The introduction of (the now recognisable) vocalisations of Stevie Moonboots are brilliantly highlighted by the stunning tones of Robin Schroffel on backing duties! But its the impressive saxophone lines and those hypnotically repetitious hand claps that add an instant hit of northern soul into the psychedelic mix, that are sure to have you hooked upon hearing them.