Continuing on with their impressive musical manifesto of releasing one new track per month in varying sonic shapes & sizes are Canadian based psychedelic explorers ‘The Orange Kyte’ with their latest triumphant single ‘Elasticity’. The band are made up of ‘Vancouver based but Dublin born’, Stevie Moonboots & a revolving door of likeminded musicians with players on this latest track listed as: guitars, bass and vocals by Stevie Moonboots, drums by Dave Mulvaney & organ and synth by Mat Durie.

‘Elasticity’ growls into the ether on a magical instrumental drone before exploding into a cacophony of golden frequencies, swirling in close proximity to that impressive vocal performance courtesy of Stevie Moonboots. The track soars through its chorus progressions with ease, pulsing out 60’s sounding psychedelic vibes as it meanders into that stunning break filled with tambourine shakes, snaking lead licks and glorious synth swells.


‘Elasticity’ is available to buy/download right now from