Immense Leeds based trio ‘Jellyskin’ have channelled their inner krautrock on their latest single entitled ‘Eater’. Formed in 2016, ‘Jellyskin’ are made up of Will, Zia & Olly and they exploded onto the underground psych/gaze scene last year with a splattering of singles including the impressive singles ‘Grey Glass Hat’ & the fantastic ‘Milk Of Magnesia’ which collectively brought them to the attention of the underground psych/gaze faithful. ‘Jellyskin’ create stunning musical soundscapes that gracefully meander through shoegaze, dream pop, psych rock and it’s many sub genres. 

‘Eater’ pulses into the ether on a swirling vortex of kraut like repetition as its metronomic percussion, driving psychedelically charged guitars, throbbing bass frequencies and resonating synth lines deftly circumnavigate that stunning trademark vocal line. This track fizzes as it tumbles through layers of sequenced electronics and hazy reverberation. Absolutely stunning and definitely their best track to date, we can’t wait for what comes next!