Brooklyn based jangling dream-gaze five piece ‘Exiles’ have announced brand new single entitled ‘Nobody Knows’, their first since 2016’s ‘Float Away’. The band are made up of Moire Echo, Michael Hendley, Don Lavis, Myles Peterson & Matt Sklar and they collectively create blissed out soundscapes filled with beautiful vocalisations, soaring synth swells, addictive percussion and intricate guitars that are meticulously underscored by massive swaths of reverberation and brilliant production. The band are donating any monies made from their music for the month of February to ACLU so all of the tracks up on their bandcamp page are ‘pay-what-you-want’ until months end. Please do support this worthy cause.

‘Nobody Knows’ is a beautifully intense slice of dream pop deftly infused with jangle pop and subtle hints of shoegaze. It soars into the ether on serine waves of electronic synth melded together with stunning vocalisations whilst the instrumentation is firmly anchored to terra firma by a steady percussive pattern and throbbing but melodious bass frequencies. It’s lead guitar lines intertwine brilliantly with the piece looping and arcing on layers of stunning reverberation.