Perth based shoegaze six piece ‘Dream Rimmey’ have announced a brand new single entitled ‘Landslide’, available for all to hear via their soundcloud page right now. The band are made up of Ali Flintoff – guitars/vocals, Jack Gaby – guitars, George Foster – drums/vocals, Vin Buchanan-Simpson – synth/vocals, Ben Mcdonald – bass & Lee Napper – guitars and collectively they create a shimmering wall of noise, filled with swirling melodious frequencies and immense reverberating instrumentation all topped off with a sublime vocal attack.

‘Landslide’ swoons with impressive vocalisations, circumnavigated by swirling synth lines, steadying drum patterns and layered reverb drenched guitars who’s lead licks purr as they wind their way around the entire piece and soar impressively into the ether with blissful aplomb.