The fantastic Pheonix based desert-gaze trio of Stacie Huttleston, Erick Pineda and Angelica Pedrego aka ‘Citrus Clouds’ have returned with the stunning lead track from their forthcoming seven track EP ‘Ultra Sound’ penned in for release on the 22nd September 2017 via Custom Made Music. The track is called ‘Life Happens’ and you can buy/download it right now via

‘Life Happens’ trembles on a quivering bass signature before opening up into a swirling maelstrom of mind numbing reverberations held fast to a punchy percussive swagger and overlaid by majestic vocalisations. A repetitive lead guitar line races in and out of the collective instrumentation casting magical sonic spells throughout the ether. This track is throughly addictive! It’s possibly their best release so far and that fact only bodes well for the forthcoming EP.