Austin based psych-beat producer Al Lover is no stranger to the modern day American underground psych scene having honed his musical craft by melding past and present psych-rock/garage bands into heaving motorik monoliths filled with spaced out repetitious beats, distorted synths, chopped up/glitchy samples and swirling psych induced instrumentation to collectively create a new, previously untapped, form of modern day psychedelia. Now, ahead of an upcoming EU tour, he has teamed up with the purveyors of all things fuzz, the London based Fuzz Club Records to realease a dystopian sonic homage to two of the most influential bands in underground music – krautrock pioneers Neu! and NY proto-punks Suicide.

‘NEUicide!’ consists of two tracks that swirl menacingly around two repetitive droning ‘SUICIDE’ notes as the incessantly rhythmic percussive ‘NEU’ beat drives headlong into a turbulent world of boundless electronica, kraut rock & hypnotic modern day psychedelia. Its sprawling synth swells are addictive, rising and falling like a small wooden boat fighting a huge storm laden sea swell and coupled with those broken samples, cascading synth lines & swirling reverberating drones makes for an epic modern day sonic adventure.

NEUicide! is officially released November 12th on 10″ vinyl and will be available to to pre-order from

Highly recommended …. We dig this release!