With a sonic style that swirls effortlessly inside a generous melding of warm psych-folk, explosive garage psych and entrancingly fuzzy sixties sounding musings (or retro-psych as the kids like to call it these days), ‘The Dandelion’ began life as a solo project by ‘The Dolly Rocker Movement’ frontman, Daniel J Poulter, eventually releasing it’s debut long player ‘The Strange Case Of The Dandelion’ back in 2013. Shortly after the release however,  Poulter walked out and the super talented Nathalie de Silver took over songwriting duties, subsequently releasing some impressive collections of music alongside a revolving door of live musicians. The current line up though, consists of Nathalie de Silver – vocals/guitar/songwriting/producer, Laura Murdoch – organ/vocals/theremin, Josh White – drums/vocals & Lauren Crew – bassWith a brilliant self-titled EP released in 2014, a very interesting sophomore release in 2015 called ‘Seeds Flowers and Magical Powers of The Dandelion’ and a dedicated worldwide following, ‘The Dandelion’ have announced a brand new thirteen track album entitled ‘Old Habits & New Ways Of The Dandelion’ via Greek-based independent record label ‘Blackspin Records’, and a European tour throughout April taking in France, Spain, Greece, England, Scotland, Belgium, Austria, Croatia & Germany to support the album. ‘Old Habits & New Ways Of The Dandelion’ is penned in for official release on April 1st 2019 and will be available on various vinyl formats via blackspin.gr

‘Old Habits & New Ways Of The Dandelion’ begins tumbling in a haze of instrumental drones, military style drumming and the unmistakable pull of wind instrumentation as ‘Garden Of Yi’ opens up into a kaleidoscope of sonic colour spinning in kind of psychedelic surf rock tinge. Swells of electric organ and the pitter patter of reverb cushion de Silver’s luscious vocalisations throughout as tingling slide guitar and those melodic incantations ebb and flow. ‘Old Habits New Ways’ undulates into audible range on a woozy line of organ as the comforting tones of cascading bass frequencies meander beneath and the slow metronomic swing of percussion keeps a wonderful back beat. Shimmering vocalisations meld with soaring clouds of reverb and those soothing backing vocals as accompanying drones and that delicious lead guitar intertwine to form a glorious wall of noise. Up next, ‘El Poncho Rojo’ oozes west coast charm with it’s busy percussive pattern, those addictive guitars and it’s subtle rockabilly sensibility whilst ‘Beneath The Rowan Tree’ has infectious psych-folk and esoteric middle eastern connotations brilliantly overlaid with classical sonic tones and passages of stunning wind instrumentation that collectively sweep you off your feet.

‘All I Ever’ opens up swirling on hazy acoustic vibrations before more eastern tinged instrumental accompaniments arrive to superbly envelope Nathalie’s vocalisations. Handclaps, tambourine hits and woozy lines of guitar sway blissfully on top of those hypnotic percussive patterns as we float on waves of psychotropic sonic abandonment. Up next, ‘Who May Have Found God’ is a classic 60’s psych cut. Warbling lines of organ bounce on top of a busy percussive assault as we’re led into the melee. Bass notes hum and that shimmering vocal line takes centre stage, gently leading us by the hand into that magnificent finale. Infectious, addictive and beautifully constructed, ‘Who May Have Found God’ is a definite album highlight. ‘The Holy Son (What Have You Become?)’ begins on a line of acoustic guitar before a flurry of hypnotic sitar and rumbling percussion arrives to pulse in unison with waves of bass frequencies and that washed out vocalisation. Swirling lines of organ add serious atmosphere here as those intricate lines of guitar spin sonic webs and the catchy chord structures completely entice the listener. ‘Message From The Fire’ shudders into audible range on tumbling drum pattern and a busy organ line. Wonderful structures of chugging guitar cling to a thumping bass signature as the vocals arrive and we’re all collectively pulled headlong into that angry assault of lead guitar before ‘de Silvers Dream’ unfurls it’s blissful, incantational tendrils and unleashes a wave of beautifully hypnotic psychedelic sounds on us all.

‘Deep Down In The Hollow’ is steeped in a swirling kind of retro vibe. Rattling percussion, fizzing guitars and swirling clouds of hazy reverb meld with addictive lines of vocal, swells of electronic frequencies and that sticky wah-wah that washes over everything. ‘Deep Down In The Hollow’ is another stand out track for me on this release. Up next, ‘Song For All Seasons’ gently brings us back down to earth, awash in hazy sound-waves and lysergic tinged instrumentation whilst the albums penultimate piece is another super sonic gem. ‘Incognito’ opens up with tumbling drums and a repetitive line of guitar before the arrival of delicious organ and that cascading bass line launches us out into the sonic ether. Nathalie de Silvers vocals are fantastic here, leaping in and out of heavier lines of guitar dipped in layers of shuddering reverb. Quieter moments permeated by rambling lead lines and warbling electronics stand out on this track and that impressive lead break is memorable. The album closes out with soft acoustic finger pickings floating on waves of iridescent reverb as ‘The June Light’ meanders into view. Hovering lines of hushed vocalisations amble into ear shot straddling melodic chord structures and catchy chord changes as we gently ripple outwards on soft waves of blissful sound. A marvellous ending to an impressive collection of tracks.







Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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