When The Sun Hits - Immersed Within Your Eyes - Post image - (300x300)ARTIST: When The Sun Hits

RELEASE: Immersed Within Your Eyes

RELEASE DATE: 22nd September 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Saint Marie Records

Nottingham based ‘When The Sun Hits’ unleash their debut six track EP entitled ‘Immersed Within Your Eyes’ to the masses on September 2snd 2017 via the good people over at ‘Saint Marie Records’. With a great name and a deeply melodic sound that echoes through swathes of luscious reverb and delay, ‘When The Sun Hits’ write catchy hook laden soundscapes that both mesmerise and amaze all at once. The EP gets it’s full release on various formats over the next few weeks with all information available via saintmarierecords.com

A meandering sonic drone ushers in track one ‘The Last Light’ as ethereal fret noise swirls through the ether underscored brilliantly by the repetitive hit of percussion and the surge of swirling reverb hued guitars. Floating vocalisations ride a wave of glistening sound waves that loop and arc throughout, adding another layer of intense frequencies into the already burgeoning mix thus allowing this track to have a melodic way point to focus on deep within the massive wall of noise. Up next, ‘Lie To Me’ ambles into audible range on a wave of tremulous guitars and a melodic hum of cascading bass frequencies. Yearning vocal lines add atmosphere as the track builds and builds into a thunderous chorus break filled with incredible swathes of reverb and skittish percussion.

80’s inspired sequenced synth lines announce the opening salvos of the instrumentally inclined ‘Twilight’. They build in intensity adding reams of ambient melody before buffering into obscurity and allowing a beautiful guitar progression to fill the sound space as my favourite track on the entire release ‘Stereopium’ unfurls it’s sonic tendrils and envelopes another stunning vocal take. Atmospheric synth swells bubble from far below melding effortlessly with that repetitive guitar progression, the steadying drum pattern and the brilliant production values. The EP’s penultimate piece entitled ‘Lovedead Town’ charges into the ether on explosive percussion and turbulent reverberation. Beautiful vocalisations take centre court here as raging guitars intertwine with the throb of bass and subtle hint of synth to collectively tumble into a maelstrom of beautiful noise and as the chorus break kicks it drags this listener with it into swirling cacophony of blissed out sound. The EP closes out with a slice of swriling instrumental shoegaze. ‘Coopers Secret’ rides a wave of instrumental noise that loops and arcs through swathes of shimmering reverberation. An ambient inspired ending to a rather interesting EP.








Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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