a1029592907_16ARTIST: Vivienne Eastwood


RELEASE DATE: 6th October 2016


Brooklyn based fuzzy shoegazers ‘Vivienne Eastwood’ finally unleashed their highly anticipated sophomore EP entitled ‘Shook’ to the masses back on October 6th 2016 via bandcamp. The band are made up of vocals/guitar – Jordan John Parker, drums – Jenny Wong & bass – Bailey Meadows with additional musicians on this release listed as lead guitar/slide guitar on ‘Nons’ by Phil Radiotes & additional vocals on ‘Snooze’ by Lindsay Lueders. Vivienne Eastwood create impressive sonic imprints that are filled with dreamy layers of fuzzy reverberating shoegaze.

A cacophony of swirling cymbal noise enters earshot before the opening bars of ‘Snooze’ erupt into the ether on a massive sonic tidal wave. This track is explosive and it meanders deftly on a bedrock of pounding drums, throbbing bass lines and woozy guitars coupled with that immense duel vocal attack. Up next, ‘Shook’ twinkles, drones and floats blissfully into audible range before the distortion arrives and the repetitive drum beat leads us into the verse progressions with aplomb. It’s a different approach on this track, vocals are aligned brilliantly to the fore as the impressive instrumentation takes a back seat. But don’t be fooled, Vivienne Eastwood’s trademark wall of reverberating sound returns soon enough as the chorus parts explode into a maelstrom of beautiful noise. Thoroughly enjoyable and probably my favourite track on the entire release.

The very dream-pop sounding ‘Maybelline’ arrives on a shimmering guitar line and another impressive percussive pattern. Soon its wowing this listener completely as its stunning vocal track arrives in a haze of glorious reverb coupled with those impressive lead guitar licks that seem to unfurl their tendrils gracefully as they meander in and out of the entire piece. ‘Maybelline’ is brilliantly addictive, its sickly sweet tones hang in the air as if held by some unseen gravitational pull. Up next, ‘Sea Salt’ shudders as it works through its opening sonic gears, reminiscent at times to Adam Granduciel’s ‘The War On Drugs’ or early ‘Tame Impala’. ‘Sea Salt’ quietly builds as each facet of instrumentation is added, perfectly poised to accommodate that impressive vocal line as it weaves and bobs in and out of earshot and leads us into its brilliantly explosive finale.

The EP’s penultimate track, ‘Nons’, is a blissful affair. Sparse percussion and throbbing bass frequencies underpinned by massive swathes of reverb laden guitar and that utterly addictive slide guitar collectively create a hazy wave of beautiful noise that carefully envelopes that fragile vocal track. ‘Nons’ is a triumphant soundscape that instils an air of intriguing melancholy into proceedings, bringing up past dreams of longing & lost love. The EP’s closing piece, ‘Messy’, is a floating sonic monolith, full of beautifully translucent effervescent tones and golden hued frequencies that envelope the senses and aid floatation through the mechanisms of sound. Vocally sublime, it soars through its hazy progressions with ease, drenched in reverb and pulsing fuzzy melodies. A fitting ending to an absolutely immense EP…… Bravo Vivienne Eastwood!

With buying formats and links to be announced, this is a must have EP for 2016. Keep your eyes & ears peeled and head over to vivienneeastwood.bandcamp.com for details.







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