EP REVIEW - Tuath - Youth - Post Image - (300x300) ARTIST: Tuath


RELEASE DATE: 3rd march 2017


There is something inherently satisfying about following a band from it’s earliest incarnation, watching it grow in stature through each of it’s online releases and being constantly amazed at how their sound has matured collectively over that time period to eventually stand as a bastion of sonic brilliance in a country that is over saturated with mediocre rock bands and rehashed musical trite. Hailing from the Irish Republic’s rugged northwestern periphery and held fast in a belief that sonic experimentation across many different musical genre’s is the only formula needed to express artistic freedom, resides one of the best modern day experimental psych-gazing collectives to ever have graced this fair isle. Led by the charismatic & multi-lingual Robert Mulhern and a rag tag bunch of instrumental geniuses and with a collection of releases under their belts, ‘Tuath’ have returned with a brand new six track monolith entitled ‘Youth’. This latest EP swims in a broiling sonic broth filled with tantalising slivers of modern psych, noise-rock, trip-hop, prog-rock, shoegaze, krautrock and now with the added ingredient of shimmering experimental ambience used primarily to level us off slightly as we tumble skywards out into the ether. ‘Youth’ was officially released on March 3rd 2018 and is available to buy/download from right now via tuath.bandcamp.com

The EP opens up with ‘Youth’, a blistering lysergic tinged melding of trip-hop and swirling effervescent psych that tumbles superbly through swathes of glistening reverb and hazy electronic instrumentation deftly accompanied by meandering guitar progressions and rolling synth swells that stick to that instantly recognisable vocalisations courtesy of Robert Mulhern. Up next is the brilliant ‘Cuz Why!?’. Unusually stripped back for Tuath , this track dispenses with their usual tidal wave of reverb to deftly showcase the bands vocal abilities. They’ve also added the subtle throb of post-punk to their unique sonic collage, inserting it brilliantly in amongst the swirling lysergic electronics and pounding percussion thus adding another layer to their already immense sonic arsenal. A sticky reverb-hued guitar progression announces the arrival of ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’, my favourite track on the entire release. This in turn pulls steady percussion and the throb of bass frequencies with it as a swirling air of menace hangs nonchalantly in the closely accompanying atmosphere. Humming electronics and subtle swells of synth join in on the cranial assault as those bass lines morph into something altogether funky. This track is deeply experimental albeit with some additional informed songwriting knowhow to add that tantalising ambient strewn break filled with synth, saxophone and addictive electronics all swirling effortlessly around Rob’s vocals. ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’ is a monumental triumph and a serious recommendation from us lot here at Primal Music.

‘Old Man Yells At Cloud’ is melodic, bouncy and a reverb laced noise-rock gem. It opens up with hazy guitars hugging tightly wound vocal lines, strapped to a big bass line before streaming electronic finery begins to bubble from just below the mix and we’re walked hand in hand through the opening verse and pushed headlong into that noisy and animalistic chorus change. It’s fast paced rinse and repeat stuff from here on in with a verse/chorus/verse/chorus structure as soaring lines of synth merge with explosive percussion and fuzzy guitars to form a massive wall of sound, only broken sporadically by the skip of addictively cascading base frequencies. Up next, the EP’s penultimate piece, brilliantly titled ‘And Your Cock Gets Soft/Take Me To Your Dealer’ ambles into audible range rocking slowly on a metronomic percussive swagger and and an ounce of dry vocal humour before winding up into a sort of fuzzy foxy lady kind of vibe! It’s an interesting sojourn that leads us into the EP’s closing track. ‘I’m Sorry Young Man’ shimmers on a tremulous guitar progression as swirling instrumental drones build meticulously from below the mix and Rob’s reverb hued vocals sweep into view pulling sparse percussion and deep permeating bass frequencies with them. ‘I’m Sorry Young Man’ builds brilliantly, adding layer after layer of instrumentation that sticks to the sequenced lines of synth and those fizzing electronics before feedback heavy guitars meander in and out of seamless production values adding a hard hitting atmospheric edge to proceedings that cuts through the melancholic feel of the entire track. It’s a marvellous ending to a brilliantly executed EP.








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