a3623867932_16ARTIST: Travelling Wave


RELEASE DATE: 28th August 2016


Following on from their blistering 2013 full length release ‘T-Wave’ and their impressive collection of singles since that debut release including Adidas Shoestrings (April. 2014), Tradition and Evolution (May.2014) and A Cloud of Madness (Nov.2014), comes the latest immense assault on the senses from stunning Brazil based psych/gaze outfit Travelling Wave. The Simoom EP is a sonically sublime collection of four tracks that swirl gracefully within a hazy reverberating cloud of layered frequencies, soaring instrumentation and gloriously addictive vocal progressions. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Travelling Wave, the band are made up of Carol Alleoni – vocal/synth, Thiago Altafini – guitar/backvocal, Nathalia Oliveira – drums & Vitor Galvão -bass/synth and this latest EP is available to buy/download right now from travellingwave.bandcamp.com

Simoom opens up, squeezed within a swirling drone before Travelling Wave unleash their full instrumental might in the form of a massive wall of reverberating noise, coupled with pounding drums & soaring synth swells that impressively envelopes that addictive vocal will ease. ‘In A Dream’ undulates as it loops and arc’s high into the ether, eventually soaring into its chorus progressions, blissfully spraying beautifully iridescent layered frequencies like sonic raindrops onto their listeners ears. A stunning opening salvo! Up next, ‘Lotus’ shimmies into earshot on glorious synth swells and throbbing bass frequencies before its metronomic percussive attack takes hold and the track sways into action with the addition of a melodious dark bass line. The guitars wail and intertwine with the instrumentation as the creeping vocal arrives, held fast within a pulsating sonic pulse. ‘Lotus’ meanders maliciously as it works through its gears, building tempestuously into a whirlwind of intense noise that crashes to finality like storm driven waves breaking on a perilous beach.

Dark swirling organ swells coupled with throbbing bass frequencies announce the arrival of ‘Wind May’, the EP’s penultimate track, before we’re swept up and dragged into the abyss by pounding drums and the arrival of droning guitars and reverb induced vocal progressions. Travelling Wave can instil stunningly dark atmosphere at will, dragging their listeners with them on a reverb filled thrill ride that breaks through layers of tremulous frequencies and soars into the ether. Vocaly sublime, ‘Wind May’ is a delicious slice of modern psych/gaze and my favourite track on this entire release. The EP’s closing piece is a thing of beauty. ‘The Unseen’ launches into a maelstrom of instrumentation, with its pounding drums, cascading sweeps of monumental organ and synth swells, driving bass lines & droning guitars. Its explodes into its chorus progressions, ramping up the overdrive and pulsing immense reverberating instrumentation into the sonic ether. A blissful ending to a magnificent EP.

Recommended listening!

Simoom is available to buy/download right now from travellingwave.bandcamp.com






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