The Cabin Fever -Exercise The Demon - EP Review - Post Image - (300x300)

ARTIST: The Cabin Fever

RELEASE: Exercise The Demon 

RELEASE DATE: 23rd January 2018


Los Angeles based experimental dark gazing trio ‘The Cabin Fever’ have just announced their brand new sophomore release brilliantly titled ‘Exercise The Demon’. This brand new eight track EP gets it’s full release on January 23rd 2018 and it follows on from their 2016 debut album ‘Enjoy Yourself’. The band are made up of Sean Moriarty (vocals/guitar), Joel Bedolla (guitar) and Tripp Beam (drums) and ‘Exercise The Demon’ is available to pre-order right now via

The tumble of slow paced percussion announces the arrival of track one ‘B-L-S-H’ and it’s soon accompanied by the melodic pull of heady bass frequencies and fuzzy guitar squall. There’s a deeply melancholic vibe coursing through the The Cabin Fever’s overall sound that’s inherently captivating and the arrival of those sublime vocalisations adds weight to that statement. They instantly suck you in and initiate a snapshot of modern times and the many pit-falls that lie beneath the blank facade of everyday life. They float effortlessly in amongst melody strewn lanes filled with catchy chord changes, undulating lead lines and the sweet pull of violin. An impressive opening salvo. Up next, ‘Simon Says’ shimmers on a trembling wave of tambourine and almost droning instrumentation that rises and falls through sullen verse parts that envelope another great vocal track and build brilliantly into driving chorus progressions filled with soaring lead lines and busy percussion.

‘Trucrime’ chugs into existence strapped to a crawling guitar progression and a slow processional snare hit that ricochets atop a pinging delay. It’s vocal track meanders brilliantly through 80’s themed synth lines and layers of hazy reverberation, cruising through catchy hook laden highs and dipping below the ether into addictively dark post-shoegaze atmospherics. ‘His People’ pulses and weaves a repetitive sonic web filled with off beat drum patterns and crawling guitar progressions underpinned with streamlined synth and layered production theatrics whilst ‘Exercise The Demon’ is dark and atmospheric. It moves extremely slow attached to the pull of intense guitars, it’s underlying strings and the melancholic tone of it’s lead vocals that keep the listener focusing intently on their every move. This track builds brilliantly. In fact, it has a subtle movie soundtrack quality and introduces it’s layered instrumentation as each verse progression passes adding colour when needed and slowing down at times to highlight lyrical narrative.

The Cabin Fever included a fantastic bonus track on this EP entitled ‘Tony’s Song’ that swirls into audible range on 60’s sci-fi synth swells and plodding bass progressions riding an almost metronomic percussive pattern. It explodes into a melting pot of sounds including resolute hand claps, cascading synth, hazy shoegaze hued layers of resonating guitars and the outright addictiveness of those sublime vocalisations. The EP closes out with two alternate mixes of both ‘B-L-S-H’ and ‘Exercise The Demon’. If that kind of thing floats your boat then these are for you. However if like me you don’t see the point in including them, then the EP finished up on that brilliant bonus track. All being said, ‘Exercise The Demon’ is an impressive collection of tracks loaded with layers of atmosphere and impressive melancholic abandonment.




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