EP REVIEW - Ten Million Stars - Bellicose - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Ten Million Lights

RELEASE: Bellicose

RELEASE DATE: 23rd February 2018


Portland based ‘Ten Million Lights’ pull influences from from shoegaze, post-punk and modern psych rock to craft and create a sound so luscious it will have you instantly hooked and checking their back catalogue in a heartbeat. Comprising of Ryan Carroll – vocals/guitars,  Eric Block – guitars,  Emily Logan – vocals/guitars, Russ Ellis – bass & Scott Smith – drums they unleashed their four track sophomore EP onto the world back on February 23rd 2018. ‘Bellicose’ is available to buy/download right now from tenmillionlights.bandcamp.com

‘Bellicose’ opens up stuck fast to a jangling guitar progression before swirling vocalisations and the pull of bass frequencies add a heady weight to proceedings. Percussion free and lasting for under two minutes, ‘Simplicity’ tumbles and flows brilliantly, building with each sonic circumference before falling off a veritable cliff and on into it’s unexpected finale. Up next, ‘Falling Apart (extended mix)’ erupts into a pounding percussive beast. Noisy layers of angry guitar and throbbing bass envelope that brilliantly executed vocal track as we swoon effortlessly through shimmering reverberations peppered with catchy hooks and brilliant production. Bouncing post-punk hued bass lines meander in and out of the mix, cascading at times through catchy lines of lead guitars and brilliantly poised acoustic breaks making this track a definite highlight for me.

‘Smother’, the EP’s lead single, opens up riding a wall of brilliant noise. Humming bass lines ride a steady percussive pattern as feedback laden guitars and catchy lead lines pull those duel verse vocal lines (reminiscent of ‘Goo’ era ‘Sonic Youth’), into the mix before tumbling out the back end into a mesmerisingly melodic chorus progression. Although I hate using these analogies,  I can’t help hearing subtle similarities to ‘RIDE, Catherine Wheel’ and the melodic side of  ‘The Brian Johnstown Massacre’ swirling through this track, making it a bloody good listen. The EP close out with a instrumental of sorts. Channelling their inner MBV, ‘Ten Million Lights’ unleash ‘Dakota/Code/Talker’ onto the listener. Woozy reverb laden guitars pull turbulent layers of hovering vocalisations into the mix ,underpinned at times by the addictive throb of bass and resonating frequencies, as we fall into those lusciously spacious beaks and eventually out into that infectious ending. Its a great closing track that literally showcases this bands abilities as musicians. They must make one hell of a racket playing live!






Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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