ARTIST: syrup, go on

RELEASE: Joyful Hesitation

RELEASE DATE: January 1st 2018


A spoonful of sugar helps the shoegaze go down – that’s the recipe for the success of syrup, go on’s latest treat. ‘Joyful Hesitation’ is the Australian band’s newest release. The four track EP has lots of sweet notes, that’s for sure. There’s some crunch too and plenty of fizzy energy so it’s pretty satisfying all round. At the time of recording (2017) the band consisted of Kris Briese, Tom Briese, Liz Dick & Ken Kimura.  ‘Joyful Hesitation’ was released back on January 1st 2018 and is available to buy/download right now via  and the band have a couple of live dates coming up this weekend around the Gold Coast. Go check them out if you get the chance.

‘Mantaray’ bounces open with bass, and barrels along brilliantly. The textures of phased guitars add just a hint of haze, intensifying the track’s rolling melodies. Titular track ‘Joyful Hesitation’ packs a powerful chorus on the scale of, say, Mitski’s Your Best American Girl. The verses are sad and spacious, but it’s the howling guitars that almost make your heart burst.

There’s a change of vocalist on ‘Adore’ which feels like it’s on a trampoline. It’s so spirited, shambly and superfun – a really strong song. Closing the EP is ‘Waco’, a cover of the Violent Soho song, which ‘syrup, go on’ have succesfully shoegazeified, bringing all their textures to the table. The effect on the chorus is especially impressive. ‘Joyful Hesitation’ is out right now via the bands Bandcamp page –




In her time, Sarah Cuthbert-Kerr has attended raves and rock clubs. She enjoys pedals, pizza and spy dramas. Sarah also plays guitar in Edinburgh-based noisemakers Wozniak and is co-founder of Morningside Young Team who put on gigs and put out records for discerning audiences who enjoy fuzz and confusion.