Sun System - Strange Ways We Meet - EP Review - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Sun System 

RELEASE: Strange Ways We Meet

RELEASE DATE: 1st December 2017


Arizona based ‘Sun System’ unleash their brilliant debut four track EP entitled ‘Strange Ways We Meet’ to the underground fraternity on December 1st 2017. With a sound that sits firmly in the alt-shoegaze stable ‘Sun System’ collectively inject shimmering melodic melancholy into every single track on this EP telling stories throughout and bringing the listener on a sonic journey of discovery with each passing instrumental progression. The band are made up of Cory – vocals/guitar, Nathan – guitar, Curt – bass, Christopher – keys and Lorenzo – drums. The EP gets it’s full release on iTunes and Spotify from December 1st but you can check out some more of their singles right now via

Shimmering guitar progressions glide and echo through layers of melodically hazy reverberation as ‘Smiles With No Teeth’ unwinds itself and shows us it’s inner workings. Throbbing bass frequencies ride a turbulent percussive pattern collectively leading a sublime vocal performance in and out of smooth verse transitions and noisy chorus parts with relative ease. This track builds, builds and builds into a cacophony of blissed out noise before cascading into a marvellously melodic finale. Up next, ‘Glimmer Man’ floats into the ether on swells of synth and jangling guitar that gracefully envelope another impressive vocal performance. Sun System’s shoegaze tendencies are laid bare for all to hear on this track as it rises and falls through stages of impeccable songwriting filled with effervescent layers of addictive noise.

The EP’s penultimate piece is a melodic, slow moving slice of sonic melancholy. ‘Alone Together’ is beautifully intense and it meanders through yearning and thought provoking verse progressions, pulling the listener with it as it tumbles into chorus parts filled with soaring tumults of glittering noise. It’s a wonderful track and possibly my favourite on the entire release. ‘Strange Ways We Meet’ closes out with ‘Scooter (feat. Travis Williams)’ and we’re pulled into an opening salvo of lo-fi guitars and and steady drum patterns. It’s not long before this track explodes into a kaleidoscope of noise, calming down at times to allow us catch little snippets of songwriting brilliance. There’s also a subtle dream-pop hue emanating from it that is rather interesting but for the most part instrumentally it skirts close to alternative or post-rock. All in all it’s this EP has an interesting mix of sounds and some brilliant passages of songwriting all underscored with some fantastic production values. It will be interesting to hear what comes next from ‘Sun System’.




Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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