EP REVIEW - Sooner - Stranger EP - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Sooner

RELEASE: Stranger EP

RELEASE DATE: 7th December 2018


Brooklyn-based dream-gazers ‘Sooner’ released their latest six track EP entitled ‘Stranger’ back on December 7th 2018 but due to our extended Christmas break we’re only getting to it now. ‘Stranger’ represents a sea change in the bands collective sound as they’ve forgone with depending on their alternative rock leanings to concentrate more on those dreamily intricate pop sensibilities that littered their debut self-titled release back in 2017. Yes, their soundscapes are still steeped in shoegaze, but ‘Sooner’ are deploying the more dreamier almost ethereal side of their sound to good effect on this latest release. The band are made up of Federica Tassano – vocals, John Farris – guitar, Tom Wolfson – drums, & Ehren Brenner – bass. ‘Stranger’ was officially released back on December 7th 2018 and is available to buy/download right now via soonermusic.bandcamp.com

‘Stranger’ opens up rumbling on a rolling drum pattern and the soft twang of guitar as ‘Humid Air’ unfurls it’s blissful sonic tones. With a jolt of immediate melody the track stirs, percussive patterns change and that woozy instrumentation cushions a beautiful line of vocal that leads us by there hand in to a magnificent chorus change. Catchy lines of guitar intertwine with the hum of cascading bass as Sooner’s dream-pop influences come to the fore showcasing a strong start to this EP. ‘Notes From The Underground’ begins in a flurry of golden tinged frequencies as jangling guitars and a busy bass signature rattle on top of that steadying drum pattern. A song of two halves, ‘From The Underground’ melds the soft hushed tones of modern dream-pop with the hazy reverberating whoosh of shoegaze. My favourite track on the entire release, it is filled with intricate lines of instrumentation that wrap themselves around Frederica’s vocal line brilliantly.

‘Mean’ slows things down a tad. Beautifully entrancing and deeply melodic, it’s standout moments are full of vocal flair and that woozily addictive guitar that seems to envelope everything as the almost metronomic stomp of drums keeps a steady tempo. Up next, ‘Breathing’ glides into the ether on a bedrock of jangling guitars, break-beat styled drum patterns and the throb of that hovering bass line. Vocally brilliant again, it’s lead guitar uses that space between breaths to full advantage here and also the use of instrumental pauses needs to be applauded as they work really well. There’s a refreshing almost atmospheric post-punk edge to ‘Lily (Regrets)’ that catches the ear as it begins with a melodic guitar line punctuated by heavier stabs of instrumentation. Slow moving at first, it builds into this driving monolith, switching into a woozy freak-out mode driven by that charging bass line and thunderous percussion before falling back into those melodic lines of guitar and on into the tracks finale. The ‘Stranger’ EP closes out with ‘Right There’. One minute plus of layered instrumentation drenched in swirling reverberation with a vocal line sunk into the cyclonic sonic melee. All in all a fantastic ending to a wonderful EP.







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