EP REVIEW - Shoe Shine Six - Sunday - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Shoe Shine Six


RELEASE DATE: January 5th 2018


Noisy alt-shoegaze quartet ‘Shoe Shine Six’ inject a melodic edge to their sound that is very hard to shake off. Beneath the sullen post-punk hued vocalisations are layers of instrumentation that collectively meld into a highly addictive blissed out melee of shimmering sonic noise. The band hail from Yekaterinburg, Russia and consist of Katarina Voronina – vocals, Paul Alimpiev – guitar, Mike Tulubaev – bass & Serge Markoff – drums. Their debut four track EP entitled ‘Sunday’ had it’s official release on the 5th January 2018 and is available to buy/download right now via shoeshinesix.bandcamp.com  

‘Sunday’ unfurls it’s fuzzy tendrils with ‘Rainfall’, it’s opening salvo. It rocks brilliantly on a busy percussive assault whilst swirling melody driven guitars breach layers of reverb as they weave and dance on top of throbbing bass frequencies. Katarina Voronina’s melodic vocals are instantly enjoyable, adding dark-wave inspired layer over proceedings and cutting a wedge through the noise thus adding sublime clarity to the overall track. It’s a fantastic opening track. Up next, ‘Daze’ begins in quiet refrain, building slowly through it’s opening verse before exploding into a cacophony of fuzzed out noise and explosive drum patterns. Catchy chorus changes and soaring lead lines help to lift this track skywards as laid back verse progressions ebb and flow with relative ease allowing the vocal track space to breathe.

‘Ocean’, the EP’s penultimate piece is deeply melancholic as the band lean heavily into their shoegaze side injecting melody and swathes of reverb into the piece whilst steady percussion rumbles and bass lines throb in unison allowing layer after layer of guitars to soar into the ether enveloping what I believe is the best vocal performance on the release. ‘Ocean’ is absolutely breathtaking and probably my favourite track on the entire EP. ‘Green’ closes proceedings out delving more into alt-rock than the previous three tracks. There are, at times, subtle hazy moments courtesy of layered reverberations but for the most part this track rattles through a well worn alt-rock path. ‘Shoe Shine Six’ are definitely ones to watch throughout 2018 and it’ll be interesting to hear what comes next.







Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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