a0881899187_16ARTIST: Muertos


RELEASE DATE: November 4th 2016

RECORD COMPANY: Wrong Way Records

Menacing Essex based psych/garage trio ‘Muertos’ release their debut EP entitled ‘EP 1’ to the masses via the brilliant purveyors of modern psychedelia ‘Wrong Way Records’ on November 4th 2016, unleashing their impressive fuzzy freakbeat imprint on the unsuspecting music buying public in the process. The band are made up of DeAnna Avis, Marc Crane & Tom Lewis and their debut EP is available to pre-order on various formats right now from wrongwayrecords.bandcamp.com

‘EP 1’ unfurls its burgeoning sonic tendrils from deep within a reverberating vortex, filled with growling guitar drone, throbbing bass frequencies and the incessant thump of the bass drum. ‘Ballroom Spritzer’ skulks impatiently like a misguided school boy, dripping with hypnotic swagger as it deftly meanders down dark sonic corridors, wrapping itself around that brilliantly executed boy/girl vocal and constantly building momentum until we’re thrust headlong into a maelstrom of impressive noise and dragged effortlessly along with it through stunning sonic peaks and troughs. ‘Ballroom Spritzer’ will blow your mind from its opening notes. Up next, held fast within the twang of tremulous guitars and howling feedback, lives the masterful ‘Black Box’. It explodes through its chorus progressions in a hail of fuzzy instrumentation & pounding drums before the listener is dragged back into the calmer waters of its verse progressions, safe in the arms of those soothing boy/girl vocal tracks that seem to instil a short-lived sense of calm to the piece before exploding once more into a cacophony of noise. ‘Back Box’ is what I imagine walking in and out through the eye of a raging tornado feels like. It’s that bloody good.

The EP’s penultimate track slows proceeding down to a dark crawl. ‘Snakes’ undulates as it hovers into ear shot on a woozily repetitive lead guitar line, underscored with reverberating whammy bar theatrics and a metronomic percussive pattern. Vocally reminiscent at times to the brilliant UK based ‘Dead Rabbits’, ‘Snakes’ builds beautifully and floats through a wonderfully translucent vocal break before leading the listener to its eventual explosive finale. The EP’s closes out with another impressive piece. ‘Write To The Devil’ swirls into the ether on an repetitive drone and deliciously dark bass frequencies, before the introduction of a shaking tambourine and another impressive vocal performance cracks up the atmosphere. Pounding drums ride the ensuing sonic wave as the track explodes into a maelstrom of fuzzy noise, howling vocals and throbbing bass. A fitting end to a marvellous debut EP.

Recommended! So good that I just bought it on vinyl!







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