EP REVIEW - Melt Dunes - Flesh EP - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Melt Dunes


RELEASE DATE: 16th March 2018

RECORD COMPANY: Strong Island Records 

Portsmouth based psych aficionados ‘Melt Dunes’ create a heady brew of dark and doom laden, acid blotched psych permeated at times with sullen krautrock tendencies that collectively creep into the inner psyche to completely blow our fucking minds. With only two singles released to date on both Strong Island Recordings and Fuzz Club respectively, the quintet have penned in the release date for their stunning debut EP brilliantly titled ‘Flesh’ for the 16th March 2018 through ‘Strong Island Recordings’ with pre-orders available right now on various formats via strongislandrecordings.bandcamp.com 

The ‘Flesh’ EP opens up with ‘Whats Your Name?’, a burgeoning slab of psychedelic enchantment filled to the brim with swirling electronics, deep penetrating bass lines, rumbling percussion and dizzying guitars. It builds like a steam train, echoing those early psychedelic explorers before unleashing a mind-bending cacophony of sound-waves that swirl around those menacing vocalisations with ease. It’s lead guitar lines whip resonating frequencies at will as they fizz and hiss alongside those eerily enticing tambourine shakes and intertwining at times with those absolutely immense bass lines that seem to dance and sway with every single percussive hit. ‘Whats Your Name?’ is a stunning opening salvo. Up next, ‘Flesh’ bellows from deep below the mix as squally guitars and a bass heavy drones melds with swirling reverberations before opening up into a modern psych gem. Explosive drum tracks growl, pulling the throb of bass, the stab of synth, hypnotic guitars and those fucking immense vocal lines into audible range. Sullen lead guitar lines buffer for space in amongst the sonic melee as we surge along in metronomic time building monstrously with every twist and turn and tumbling headlong into that huge instrumental break. ‘Flesh’ is a triumph and a definite highlight for me on this release.

‘Epicaricacy’, the EP’s penultimate track, bounces into the ether on a huge bass progression and strapped to a brooding krautrock swagger. Collectively whipped and cajoled by those reverberating lead guitars, it’s sullen vocal lines meander in and out of the instrumentation leading the listener on a merry dance all the way into that darkly atmospheric instrumental break filled to the brim with swirling organ lines, woozy guitars and swaying drum tracks. Hypnotic, enchanting, downright scary and at times sonically reminiscent to those fantastic Athens based psychedelic travellers ‘Holy Monitor, ‘Epicaricacy’ is one of those tracks that you will want to go back to again and again. The EP closes out with ‘Grotesque’. Swirling organ lines accompany those immense bass progressions as a slow moving drum pattern rattles deep below the mix allowing the vocal lines to sit comfortably as lines of lead guitar undulate and move at will. Sporadic shakes of percussion join in with the fun was we’re led on a merry dance through passages of psych, neo-psych and heavy alternative touches all the way to tracks end. It’s a  blistering closing piece to what is a decent EP.









Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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