EP REVIEW - Medistation - Medistation - Post image - (300x300)ARTIST: Mediststion 

RELEASE: Medistation EP

RELEASE DATE: April 20th 2018

RECORD COMPANY: Fuzz Club Records 

Eric Strand is no stranger to Stockholm’s burgeoning underground psych scene. Having already established himself in The Orange Revival (hands down one of the best neo-psych outfits out there today) Eric has just announced the self-titled debut EP release for one of his other musical projects, the mesmerising ‘Medistation’. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, ‘Medistation’ create a visceral sonic palate filled with fizzing, alternative led, noise-pop drenched in swathes of shuddering reverb and swirling feedback. It collectively spotlights that truly epic early 1990’s melodic neo-psychedelic sound, a sound that can sometimes get lost within this modern underground scene. The EP is a collaborative effort, with guest vocals from Jake Garcia (The Black Angels), percussion from Cobian Modeste (The Buttertones) and grand piano from Max Groundstroem (Samling/Valp). It gets it’s official release on April 20th 2018 via those London-based purveyors of all things meaningful ‘Fuzz Club Records’ with pre-orders now available on various formats via fuzz club.com

The EP opens up trapped in an air of fizzing atmospherics as that fuzzy guitar progression pulls throbbing bass frequencies, hypnotic stabs of melodic lead and swirling electronics into the mix collectively enveloping an always impressive vocal courtesy of Jake Garcia (The Black Angels). ‘Pool Of Blood’ is absolutely sublime and is at times reminiscent of Ian Astbury’s stint with UK-based ‘UNKLE’. A marvellous opening salvo indeed. Up next, ‘I Never Knew’ undulates into earshot strapped to a slowly moving blues-fed guitar line underpinned with deeply hypnotic acoustic frequencies. Meticulous percussion shimmers just below the mix as humming bass frequencies meander and pulse through melodic vocal lines before we float away on swirling waves of resonating lead & slide guitar allowing the sickly sweet tinge of reverberation to evoke musical reminiscences such as Spiritualized, JAMC and the ever brilliant Lupine Howl.

‘The World Is Weeping’ explodes into the ether on a screeching feedback laden wave that quickly melds with repetitive guitars and addictive shakers. Lead lines whip and cajole the piece to within an inch of it’s life as a throbbing bass line bounces alongside a giddy percussive assault, enveloping a brilliantly executed vocal line and those distinctly addictive neo-psych sounds loop and arc throughout. The EP’s penultimate piece entitled ‘Anything For You’ floats effortlessly on a cloud of repetitive guitars and the soft pulse of bass. Twinkling synth and beautifully entrancing electronics dance and flutter alongside another impressive vocal performance as it’s woozy effects disappear in amongst golden hued acoustics and that ever present injection of fuzz. ‘Anything For You’ is beautiful and a definite highlight for me on this release. ‘Medistation’ closes out with ‘The End’. Steeped in reverb, the hypnotic pull of strings and that repetitive guitar signature melds brilliantly with swirling electronics, melodic synth and the strengthening air of atmosphere. Slide guitar meanders in and out of those pulsing frequencies as this brilliant instrumental builds into a melody strewn finale. A fantastic end to a rather interesting EP.






Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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