ARTIST: Lost Echoes

RELEASE: No Tomorrow

RELEASE DATE: March 5th 2018


Portland based space-gazers ‘Lost Echoes’ self-released their debut three track EP entitled ‘No Tomorrow’ to the masses back on March 5th 2018. Their collective sound swims in a heady sonic brew filled with driving reverb laden instrumentation overlaid with a deeply atmospheric hue. The band are made up of  David Gross – guitar/vocals/production, Joel Cox – bass, Marcus Knauer – drums/production & Michael Lynch – guitar with the three track EP available to buy/download right now via

The EP’s title track growls into life driving comfortably on a steady percussive pattern and a woozy bass line as feedback laden atmospherics squeal and dance just below the mix. ‘No Tomorrow’ pulls vocal lines into the mix completely enveloped in resonating guitars and lashings of hypnotic reverberation as brilliantly executed guitar progressions lead us into a wonderful chorus break before we dive headlong into passages of billowing distortion. Up next, ‘So Tired’ ambles into audible range rocking slowly on a metronomic tempo as swells of guitar and booming bass frequencies step into luscious lines of jangling guitar and beautiful entrancing reverberation. This track swoons as the beat picks up tip tapping through time signatures at will allowing the ear to fall onto those shimmering guitars. as instrumental pieces go, ‘So Tired’ is a triumph and worthy of your ears.

The EP closes out with a Marcus Knauer Redux of the title track  ‘No Tomorrow’. It does exactly as it says on the tin and fans of these kind of remixes will enjoy the finished article. All in all ‘No Tomorrow’ is a very interesting EP indeed filled with brilliantly executed song writing and deft instrumentation making ‘Lost Echoes’ ones to watch throughout 2018. 





Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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