EP REVIEW - Loom - some Time - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Loom

RELEASE: Some Time

RELEASE DATE: 25th April 2018


Hailing from Dallas, Texas, melancholic shoegazers ‘Loom’ have taken a slow almost processional approach to writing and recording their debut five track EP entitled ‘Some Time’. Taking a year and half to create something this interesting stands as a testament to their songwriting skills. Self recorded, engineered and produced ‘Some Time’ skips nonchalantly through melodic passages of hazy shoegaze, slowcore and noisy alt-rock, showcasing a sound that some might be familiar with whilst newer arrivals to the scene will find endearing. The band are made up of Casey Dorris – guitar, Greg Nunn – guitar, Skylar Schexnayder – vocals, Sam Beaty – drums & Hunter Davis – bass. ‘Some Time’ was officially released back on the 25th April 2018 and is available to buy/dowmload right now via loom1.bandcamp.com

Swirling clouds of fuzz permeated by twinkling lines of melodic guitar swings meticulously on top of slow moving percussion as ‘All I Ever Wanted’ enters into audible range. Hushed vocalisations dive into the melee of sound-waves bouncing alongside whooshing crash cymbals and the warbling hum of bass frequencies as we tumble brilliantly through layers of whirring reverberations. Up next, ‘Memories’ arrives on tingling layers of soaring guitars as the ping of sparse percussion keeps a rag-tag kind of tempo. Again we move slow here, dragging heady doses of fuzz into those haunting lines of vocal as the boom of heavier drum patterns keep a steady metronomic beat. There are sounds here reminiscent of underground acts like the UK-based ‘Dose’, Virginia-based ‘Keep’ or even those noisy Texans ‘Glare’. Impressive stuff and a definite highlight on this release.

‘Some Time’ rumbles into life rolling on a barrage of snare hits before diving headlong into deep resonating pools full of noise, fuzz and reverb. Jangling guitars accompany melancholic lines of vocal out into the abyss as we glide effortlessly through those hazy verse progressions before exploding into a chorus section packed with kaleidoscopic sound-waves. Ohh, and watch out for it’s intensely good swirling psychedelic finale. ‘Interlude’ does exactly as it says on the tin. Vocal samples cling to layers of reverb drenched guitars and meander brilliantly whilst the EP’s closing piece is probably the best track on the entire release. ‘Your Existence’ floats into the ether on waves of guitar, slow moving percussion humming bass frequencies and senses pummelling reverberation. It’s vocal track projects itself in as kind of off-kilter kind of way, hovering just below the mix but close enough to those impressive guitars so as to be noticed. Clocking in at over six minutes long, ‘Your Existence’ is definitely worth your time. All in all, as debut EP’s go, ‘Some Time’ is a cracking little listen and it’ll be very interesting to hear what these guys do next.






Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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