ARTIST: Liebermann

RELEASE: Evergreen

RELEASE DATE: 30th December 2016


Noisy Moscow based alt-pop/shoegaze quartet ‘Liebermann’ originally formed back in 2015. Steeped effortlessly in a noisy reverberating stew, the bands sound is brilliantly highlighted by it’s soaring, almost ethereal vocalisations mixed instrumentally with a melancholic look back to the melodious early 90’s. The band are made up of Zhanna Axenova – vocals, Yuriy Yakovlev – guitar, Michael Medvedev – bass & Denis Malyshev – drums and you can buy/download the bands debut EP ‘Evergreen’ right now from

The EP opens up with the title track! ‘Evergreen’ squeals into earshot on a wave of high pitched feedback and sullen guitar stabs before opening up into a wall of melody driven instrumentation. The addition of skittish drum patterns and throbbing bass frequencies introduce us to the heavenly vocalisations of Zhanna Axenova and the entire track soars into the ether. Up next, ‘Midnight Sun’ drives a harsh wedge onto proceedings with it’s high hat heavy drum pattern, swirling bass lines and another impressively melodic guitar progression. The track explodes into it’s chorus patterns with stunning aplomb, looping and arcing all over the sonic canvas, showcasing the song writing prowess that ‘Liebermann’ have in their arsenal.

The EP’s penultimate track slows things down a touch. From it’s opening chord structures ‘Constrnt’ lends itself more to a C86 sound but that theory is soon shattered as ‘Liebermann’ use Axenova’s vocal prowess to blistering effect, swirling deftly into a cacophony of layered fuzzy guitars, melodious bass and pounding drums. The closing track on the EP is a slice of brilliant dreamy shoegaze. ‘Rat Prince (Pumpkin Face)’ shimmers on a cloud of ethereal vocalisations coupled with woozy guitars that swoon and move effortlessly on a bedrock of humming bass frequencies and exploding drums. Probably my favourite track on the entire release ‘Rat Prince (Pumpkin Face)’ is worthy of your ears and it closes out a rather interesting EP.




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