a3170978495_16ARTIST: Leaf

RELEASE: Nothing Seems Real 

RELEASE DATE: October 30th 2016


Los Angeles based heavy shoegaze four piece ‘Leaf’ have unleashed what is (in my opinion) one of the best releases to date this year in the guise of their stunning debut EP entitled ‘Nothing Seems Real’. Their music is paradoxically linked back to everything good that came out of the early 90’s shoegaze scene with pivotal artists such as ‘Swervedriver, The Verve, MBV & Ride’ being bandied about as references to their collective sound. The band are made up of members of The Gimmicks, Crystal Antlers & The Orphans and ‘Nothing Seems Real’ contains both of the bands previous two singles, the brilliant ‘Outside’ and the mesmerising ‘Wait Until’.

In a cyclonic maelstrom of reverberation the opening salvo’s of ‘Wait Until’ instantly grab this listener by the ears and swings him nonchalantly around the room. The combination of soaring angry guitars, explosive drums and the unwavering throb of bass frequencies lure you into a blistering cacophony of luscious noise and ultimately pander to your every sonic need, but it’s the highly addictive vocals that conjure up a plethora of influential bands from this music genre, both past and present, thus adding a hue of invincibility to the collective greatness of ‘Leaf’ that I haven’t been able to tag on any other band for some considerable time. Up next, ‘Her Way’, blissfully jangles into earshot held firmly to an underlying wave of instrumental drone and hazy reverb. The immensely melancholic vocal lines gracefully lift you up and sweep you along with them until you are led into a turbulent drum pattern coupled with cascading bass lines & driving guitars until you are eventually deposited into a reverb strewn wasteland that’s filled with dying frequencies and unwavering guitar squall. ‘Her Way’ is utterly immense from start to finish. A triumphant sonic masterpiece.

Up next, ‘Outside’ is filled with so many influential sounds that it’s difficult to keep focused on the track or it’s magnificent instrumentation. I’m hearing ‘Loop, Spacemen 3, Stone Roses, Spiritualized, The Warlocks & Swervedriver’ to name but a few, coursing through it’s veins as it deftly works through it’s highly addictive sonic gears. I’m not messing when I these guys mean business. They’ve come out of left field as far as I’m concerned and I have to give major props to Dean ‘shoegaze’ Bromley for pointing me in their direction. The EP’s closing piece entitled ‘Say Goodbye’ is packed full of catchy hooks and heaps of sublime melody. From it’s rolling drum patterns to it’s cascading bass lines, through effortless gliding guitar progressions and on into it’s totally absorbing vocals, ‘Say Goodbye’ is gloriously addictive and a fitting ending to an absolutely immense EP.


‘Nothing Seems Real’ is available to buy/download right now from: leaflosangeles.bandcamp.com and you really should have it in your collection.






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