ARTIST: Helicon

RELEASE:  Zero Fucks

RELEASE DATE: 11th January 2019

RECORD COMPANY: Fuzz Club Records

It’s been just over a year since Glasgow’s ‘Helicon’ unleashed their well overdue self-titled debut album, blowing the lid off the UK psych scene in the process and showing the worldwide psych audience just what they were truly capable of. Their hard hitting approach to bending and shaping sonic frequencies into high energy tripped out, wall to wall psychedelia cannot be taken lightly, making them one of the best modern psych bands plying their trade on the scene today. Now the band have returned with a three track EP entitled ‘Zero Fucks’. Recorded live, mixed and produced in one day at Glasgow’s Green Door Studio, the EP comprises of three immense instrumental soundscapes that skip through boundless kosmische, four to the floor fuzzed out rock n’ roll and woozy washed out psychedelia. ‘Zero Fucks’ get’s it’s full release via Fuzz Club Records on the 11th January 2019 and is available to pre-order on various formats from both respectively.

The EP opens up with with ‘Phil Mitchell’d’, a blistering slice of brooding, motorik kosmische. Angry bass frequencies ride punishing instrumental drones as bounding percussion arrives and we launch skywards out into the sonic ether. Swells of mesmerising synth arrive permeating huge walls of stunning reverberation as a driving bass line meanders and snakes just below the mix. This is absolutely sublime,  a non stop sonic thrill ride that loops & arcs through a kaleidoscope of lysergic tinged psychedelia whilst up next, ‘Come On Get Off’ begins in a haze of turbulent instrumental drones before the arrival of an angry and repetitive line of guitar, the subtle pull of bass and the slow moving thud of drums solidifies the entire mix. Swells of electronic wizardry, synth and catchy instrumental breaks arrive to add intense atmosphere and we navigate the sonic melee accompanied by the cushioning of reverend those addictive lines of sitar.

The EP closes out with ‘I Hate Everyone But I Quite Like You’, it’s lead track and my favourite cut on the entire release. A track of two halves, it begins on a droning whim, hovering on a bedrock of slow moving percussion and the quietened hum of jangling guitars before quickening in pace, swaying on subtle bass notes and manageable feedback laden frequencies. There are faster moments here too that creep up and take advantage of the peaceful air before we tumble into a droning instrumental break and find ourselves rolling into the second half of the track where we’re gliding inside a far-out acid drenched sonic trip. The track is an absolute sonic triumph closing out what is another impressive Helicon release.




Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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