ARTIST: Hanford Reach


RELEASE DATE: 10th March 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Medium Lavender

Brooklyn based psych/shoegaze outfit ‘Hanford Reach’ formed back in 2016 following the dissolution of a previous incarnation called ‘Sky Picnic’. Consisting of Chris Sherman and Leah Cinnamon the band’s sonic tendrils reach primarily into the realms of jangling shoegaze hued pop but with a subtle undercurrent of driving post-punk, reminiscent at times to seminal US based post-punk connoisseurs ‘For Against’, Boston based shoegaze outfit ‘Swirlies’ or more recently ‘The Marbles Jackson’‘Hanford Reach’ originally started as a solo project for the duo to create new material but they are now currently working behind the scenes to take this EP on tour with live shows promised throughout 2017. Their debut four track EP  ‘Canyons’ gets it’s full release on March 10th via their own record label ‘Medium Lavender’. You can however pre-order it right now digitally from

The EP opens with ‘Shifting Patterns’. A shimmering almost effervescent like guitar strum awakens a psychedelic behemoth before tumbling skittishly into reverb laced soundscape filled with impressive instrumental breaks, luscious lead guitar lines, thunderous percussion and that incredibly addictive vocal line. What is instantly apparent as this EP unwraps itself is that ‘Hanford Reach’ are intellectually astute musicians who can inject a serious amount of melody into every single facet of their songwriting without losing any of that old school 90’s charm that has been previously written about them. ‘Shifting Patterns’ surges and heaves through magical percussive breaks & intricate lead lines that wrap themselves around the vocals adding depth and weight to their overall sound. A brilliant opening track indeed. Up next, ‘Muted Edge’ swirls into the ether on a menacing instrumental drone and a steady drum pattern. Jangling guitars take over, draped in swathes of reverberating frequencies and subtle synth swells. Another impressive vocal lines sits atop an undulating wave hypnotic instrumentation firmly fixed to a bedrock of throbbing bass lines and tumbling percussion.

The EP’s penultimate piece entitled ‘Theatre Of Shadows’ opens with a turbulent jazz tinged drum pattern intertwined with cascading bass frequencies and swirling psych tinged guitar lines before it’s sublime vocalisations enter the fray, looping and arcing effortlessly in unison with the metronomic swing of the collective instrumentation, as if being locked in a kind of sonic gravitational pull. Theatre Of Shadows has the songwriting prowess of ‘For Against’ with its soaring shoegaze highs coupled with driving post-punk lows but there’s also a brilliantly intoxicating modern twist to this track that’s very hard to shake off. ‘Canyons’ closes out with ‘Daydream Hues’, an impressive slice of psych tinged shoegaze filled with steading drums, throbbing bass progressions and subtle synth swells that are overlaid by jangling guitar lines and explosive passages of swirling reverb laced instrumentation, vocal samples and shimmering tambourine shakes. A brilliant ending to an impressive debut EP.

‘Hanford Reach’ have an old school sound. Their musicianship & songwriting abilities are faultless. This EP is not experimental at all so it’s not going to create new sub-genres in this ever evolving scene. But what it does do is; it gives an honest doff of the proverbial cap to those shoegaze/psych/post-punk pioneers who created these genres originally and thats what makes this EP something really, really special.




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