E Gone - Brilliant Apparatus - EP Review - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: E Gone

RELEASE: Brilliant Apparatus 

RELEASE DATE: 24th November


‘Brilliant Apparatus’ is the latest five track release from the immense Swedish based experimental psych aficionado ‘E Gone’ aka Daniel Westerlund. ‘E Gone’ has been wowing us lot here at Primal Music for some time with the way he melds together various musical stylings including electronica, psych, post rock, oriental, dub, raga, ambient and folk to create a stunning cacophony of mesmerising soundscapes that float and permeate layers of impressive sonic production with relative ease. ‘Brilliant Apparatus’ is self-released and it follows on from Februarys full length LP ‘The Third Is A Mountain Which Holds A Dagger’. It’s available to buy/download right now via egone.bandcamp.com

In a fizzing haze of twinkling drones and shimmering electronics ‘Ectoplasm’, the EP’s opening salvo ignites and burns sporadically for a short time spilling ambient clouds of reverberating frequencies out into the ether before announcing ‘Liber Null Tango’, an ambient infused dub electro outing doused in melody and accompanied by deep resonating bass notes that coalesce brilliantly with sequenced synth lines and the constant pitter patter of hi-hats. Sequenced drums pound the senses pulling into the mix cascading synth and low frequency atmospheric drones that sit just below the mix adding weight and depth to the piece. Up next, ‘Brilliant Apparatus’ bullies its way into audible range bouncing alongside sampled vocalisations and deeply resonating synth lines. Sequenced percussion travels along in breakbeat style dragging angry electronics and film soundtrack accompaniments with it as it meanders brilliantly through ambient breaks, huge sonic builds with screaming crescendos filled with maliciously dark electronics. ‘Brilliant Apparatus’ is an absolutely fantastic track and possibly my favourite on the entire release.

‘Hökarängen’ the EP’s penultimate piece opens with plinking synth riding dub reggae stylings albeit in an electronic fashion. Off kilter percussion concentrates the sound as panned instrumentation ebbs and flows underneath, jumping in and out of ambient tinged breaks filled with guitar stabs and lines of undulating lead that intertwines effortlessly with layers of synth, sequenced electronics and the heady pull of reverberation. The ‘Brilliant Apparatus’ EP closes out with ‘The Autumn Equinox of 1993’. Floating instrumental drones glimmer and dance on top of pulsating electronics and celestial reverberations as intense melodic psychedelia greets this listener, rising and falling brilliantly through magnificent production and stunning organ swells as sporadic percussive hits permeate the ether from far below the mix. It’s a fascinating ending to what is an interesting EP.








Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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