Bolywool - From Void To Matter Vol.3 - EP Review - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Bolywool

RELEASE: From Void To Matter Vol.3

RELEASE DATE: 1st December 2017


Having the ability to tell stories through the medium of sound is a skill that is sometimes overlooked. When listening to music the listener needs to connect with every single facet of what a band or artist are trying to convey to truly understand the mindset of the songwriter. ‘Bolywool’ have that ability. They suck you into their sonic world and introduce to intense melancholic transitions through post-rock, shoegaze and ambient stylings steeped in deeply resonating atmosphere. Each track tells a story and is backed up with immense songwriting and sublime production values. Hailing from the wind swept isle of Öland in Sweden, Calle Thor and Oskar Karlström aka ‘Bolywool’ have been fascinating us lot here at Primal Music for quite some time with their shimmering, cinematic, frost laden soundscapes filled to the brim with flourishes of atmospheric post-rock and scintillating shoegaze collectively underscored by stunning electronic progressions. They started out on a sonic journey back in May 2017 with the first of a planned trilogy of EP’s entitled ‘From Void To Matter’ via VÅRØ Records . The second instalment blew us away back September and now they have returned with it’s masterful bookend, closing the door on what is a fascinating musical journey. ‘From Void To Matter Volume 3’ was officially released on December 1st 2017 and is available to buy/download right now via

‘Nowhere’ glides into the ether fizzing majestically on a whirlwind of noise, fretboard theatrics and undefined vocal samples before exploding into a kaleidoscope of beautiful atmospheric instrumentation. Swirling guitar progressions meander brilliantly through the delectable hum of bass frequencies and repetitive percussion that bounds effortlessly through walls of shimmering reverberations amalgamating at times with whispered vocalisations and huge soaring barrages of beautiful melody. It’s a triumphant opening track and it only hardens my already firm belief that ‘Bolywool’ are masters of their craft and have that unique ability to paint sonic pictures with their music. As ‘Nowhere’ dissolves into the sonic ether we’re instantly brought back down to earth with the deep resonating opening salvos of ‘Okkara’ and it’s not long before I’m drifting into a massive melting pot of blissful sounds. Huge cymbal crashes and slow percussive hits splash into layers of reverberation and delay as sonic incantations undulate through rippling organ swells and drawn out guitar strums collectively held in a kind of continuous sonic stasis. There are hidden patches of simmering melody here that bob up and down in a post-rock strewn landscape peppered at times with hazy shoegaze highlights and enchanting layers of ambient abandonment. ‘Okkara’ is deeply enchanting and beautifully crafted.

‘The Age Of Entitlement’ begins life bubbling on some sequenced electronics before unfurling into a mesmerising shoegaze standard. Repetitive percussion carves out a fast paced backbeat as swirling synths and driving bass frequencies act as a kind of sonic chariot for that fragile vocal line to ride as all around it is battered by melodic lead lines drenched in immersive reverberation. Thoroughly addictive and probably my favourite track on the entire release ‘The Age Of Entitlement’ is an unsung gem. The EP’s penultimate track entitled ‘Moin-Moin (Interlude)’ is a noisy atmospheric behemoth with cyclonic instrumentation trapped in a whirlwind of reverberation. Resonating sound waves buffer and blast the senses as we’re treated to just under two minutes of hypnotically intense ambient noise before the EP unleashes it’s closing piece. ‘You Are Not Alone In The Universe, I Am Here’ begins with beautifully entrancing sampled vocalisations that swoop and arc through layers of droning synth, sequenced percussion and fizzing electronics. This track builds brilliantly, carefully adding each layer of instrumentation before the arrival of that melodic vocal track until eventually cascading into a blistering cacophony of resonating sound. It’s a marvellous finale to a collection of tracks that I cannot fault. ‘Bolywool’ continuously amaze me. Their attention to detail on this trilogy of EP’s alone has been second to none. It has been a wonderful journey reviewing them all and I can’t wait to hear what comes next from this band.




Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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