EP REVIEW - Blume - Wash Away - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Blume

RELEASE: Wash Away

RELEASE DATE: 19th February 2019


‘Blume’ aka Alberta native Arthur Bennell creates washed out shoegaze underscored with flurries of dream-laden reverberations, a hovering post-punk edge and a splashing of psychedelic abandonment. Bennell writes and records everything himself, underpinning that lo-fi ‘do it yourself’ work ethic that we all like here at Primal Music. Hazy vocalisations and jangling guitars meander through walls of reverb on his latest six track release entitled ‘Wash Away’, the follow up to the 2015 released self titled four track EP. ‘Wash Away’ had it’s official release back on February 19th 2019 and is available to buy/download right now via blumeband.bandcamp.com

The fantastically brilliant ‘That Day’ kicks things off in grand style. Hazy reverberations swirl and glide as that repetitive guitar line ritualistically twists and turns on a metronomic pattern of percussion. Swells of synth and the hum of bouncing bass frequencies captivate here as lead lines intertwine with those dusky vocalisations. Brilliant in it’s approach and eerily good, ‘That Day’ is a definite EP highlight. Up next, ‘Feel Again’ arrives tumbling in a wash of reverb as the soft tap of sequenced percussion and the swoon of woozy guitar washes over the listener. Hushed vocalisations cling just below the mix here, barely audible inside a wave of instrumental melody as we’re edged slowly into that huge behemoth like instrumental break and on into the tracks finale. The EP’s title track has post-rock connotations streaming through it’s inner core. Repetitive lines of guitar hover and float on waves of beautiful reverberation as a busy line of percussion rattles below. Swirling lines of lead guitar soar, puncturing through the layers of reverb and injecting intense melody, atmosphere and a delicate hue into the track. Again, the vocal lines here are hushed but seem to fit this track more than the before as the rambling line of lead guitar streaks skywards.

‘Error 404’ drones into existence on a menacing line of guitar and sullen sweeps of atmosphere. It builds as it’s industrial tinged percussion staggers into view, followed by another rambling lead guitar line and the swoosh of reverberation. Repetitive in nature, this instrumental has a distinct post-punk edge. The EP’s penultimate piece glides into audible range with an instrumental sound reminiscent of ‘The Cure’ or mid 80’s ‘Cocteau Twins’. The meandering guitars and the pull of bass frequencies are instantly addictive as ‘Always The Same’ unveils a fantastic vocal take that seems to cling to the surrounding instrumental melody and meld with the wash of lead guitar. Wonderfully refreshing and executed brilliantly, ‘Always The Same’ is another highlight for me. The EP closes out with ‘Can’t Wait’. The pitter patter of percussion keeps a steady metronomic tempo as throbbing bass frequencies, undulating lines of lead guitar and oodles of reverb take centre stage. Impressive vocals ride the sonic wave as we’re led into that hypnotic lead break before that noisy final third brings the curtain down on a very interesting release.






Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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