14729266_1051166008336327_6750064901020194428_nARTIST: Is Bliss

RELEASE: Velvet Dreams

RELEASE DATE: October 21st 2016


The brilliant London based independent record label ‘Club AC30’ have been nurturing some fantastic worldwide artists from the psych/gaze/electronic & dream-pop genres for quite some time now. Their list of rostered artists has brought us some serious heavy hitters such as ‘Flyying Colours, Pinkshiunyultrablast and Ringo Deathstarr’ to name just a few. Now they’ve unleashed a veritable sonic triumph is the guise of the debut EP entitled ‘Velvet Dreams’ by Portsmouth based trio ‘Is Bliss’. This band are causing quiet a stir right now within the underground fraternity with their no nonsense, full on, psych induced reverberations! They are made up of Jimmy Stuart – vox/guitar, Dean Edwards – bass & Sam Speakman – drums and they have already graced the stage with the likes of Wolf Alice, Telescopes, Nine Black Alps, Mark Gardener and Robin Guthrie. The vinyl edition of ‘Velvet Dreams’ (limited to 300) has already sold out over on the record labels website store.clubac30.com so if you missed out on this immense debut EP, then you will just have to take our word for it! It is absolutely magnificent.

The EP opens up with ‘Morning Sun’, a beautifully effervescent track full of esoteric sound waves and translucent sonic frequencies. Driving percussion and throbbing bass lines hold court as those impressive guitar lines weave effortlessly in and out of haunting vocal progression’s courtesy of Jimmy Stuart. ‘Morning Sun’ surges forward on wave after wave of brilliant reverberation, reminiscent at times to early Verve or Creation Records era Telescopes. Up next, the immense ‘Realise’ enters into earshot on a steadying drum pattern coupled with a melodious baseline and another impressive lead guitar progression. It explodes stunningly into a cacophony of beautiful noise as it’s chorus parts take flight and soar into the ether, all the while circumnavigating that brilliant vocal and those massive walls of guitars just to lead us on merry dance until we’re dumped out the other side like a geek at school disco. ‘Realise’ is absolutely Immense and not for the faint hearted.

‘Truth’ growls into existence on punctuating bass frequencies and luscious guitar squall before unleashing a huge wall of instrumentation that is just about big enough to carry those ‘angry young man’ vocal lines! The guitars wail and scream brilliantly as this track launches itself skywards, dragging every single fucking listener with it as the torturous screams of Jimmy Stuart echo into forever. A triumphant track and possibly my favourite on this entire EP, ‘Truth’ is a sonic call to arms for a society in ruins. The EP’s penultimate piece entitled ‘Ocean Blue’ swirls into the ether on an instrumental drone as the drum track winds up and pulses out a metronomic beat, coupled with the underlying swing of tabla, shakers & tambourine hits all enveloped around Stuart’s impressive vocalisations. The collective result puts a kind of swirling hypnotic hue on proceedings as those eastern esoteric vibes undulate and meld with cascading sitar, throbbing bass frequencies and those psychedelically intense guitars.

The EP’s closing piece is a psych induced monster coming in at eight minutes plus. ‘Lure’ has a menacing drone creeping down it’s central spine as the instrumentation builds and lurches forward on it’s pre-destined course. Addictive bass lines and almost prog rock like guitars swim effortlessly in a sea of reverberation as those wailing vocals ride a slow processional drum pattern, meandering deftly and without hindrance. ‘Lure’ begins to gain momentum now and we’re thrown headlong into a maelstrom of effortless instrumentation and immense sonic abandonment with it’s pounding drums and screaming lead guitar lines echoing into a raging finale.

If the underground music fraternity are looking for a champion to nail their colours to, they’ve found it in these five tracks by the brilliant ‘Is Bliss’ …… This is music!









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