Ask For Joy - A Blow And A kiss - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Ask For Joy

RELEASE: A Blow And A Kiss

RELEASE DATE: 10th September 2107


Texas based Aaron Rossetto aka ‘Ask For Joy’ has been wowing the underground shoegaze fraternity for quite some time with his fuzzy blissed out musical compositions deftly filled with inspired melancholic subject matter. His ninth release aptly titled ‘A Blow And A Kiss’ is an immense five track EP that had it’s official release back on September 10th 2017. The EP is available to buy/download right now via

In a haze of shimmering guitar frequencies, ‘Under A Breaking Wave’ washes effervescent swathes of reverberation over this listener and pours ripple after ripple of immense atmospheric sound waves out into the ether. Melancholic vocalisations ride the melodic wall of sound as bubbling bass notes hum and throb alongside repetitive drum patterns and soaring synth swells making ‘Under A Breaking Wave’ a triumphant opening salvo. Up next, ‘Luna’ swirls into audible range tumbling gracefully through layer after layer of blissed out sonic waves as it’s heavenly vocalisations float effortlessly on pulses of sparse percussion and cascading instrumentation. Catchy hook laden chorus progressions pull beautifully intense chord sequences into view, allowing those stunning vocal lines to soar blissfully out into the ether.

The EP’s lead single entitled ‘Corsets’ bounces into ether and quickly unfurls it’s sonic tendrils. It tumbles headlong through layers of shimmering reverb as it’s sparse percussion resonates through the swirl of guitar and the echo of simplistic vocalisations. There’s a subtle hint of post-punk nestling under the surface of this dreamy track as it meanders and arc’s brilliantly along a luscious predestined verse/chorus route before ‘Ask For Joy’ dismisses with the intoxicating haze and allows it to explode into a veritable melting pot of shimmering instrumentation that includes the addition of a brilliant trumpet line making this track my favourite on the entire release. ‘Deep Into The Night’, the EP’s penultimate piece, explodes into a kaleidoscope of colourful sound waves before driving into the ether on a thunderous percussive pattern intertwined with swirling guitars. Throbbing bass frequencies add a lysergic kind of atmosphere that envelopes an impressive vocal take as cascading synth progressions tumble and fall through masses of reverb and a hazy wall of melodic guitars. ‘Rebirth’ closes proceedings swirling gracefully through dreamy sonic incantations filled with glistening synth swells and addictive guitar progressions. Repetitive drum patterns hold everything together spectacularly as those totally addictive vocalisations pull you in with them as they begin a spiralling journey of luscious sonic discovery. A brilliant ending to a wonderful EP.




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