EP REVIEW - APOF - All the New Ends - Post Image - (300x300) ARTIST: Amusement Parks On Fire

RELEASE: All The New Ends 

RELEASE DATE: 13th April 2018

RECORD COMPANY: Saint Marie Records 

Last year (2017) seminal UK-based noise merchants ‘Amusement Parks On Fire’ unleashed a brand new two-track 7′ single entitled ‘Our Goal To Realise’, their first sonic outing in over eight years. With a wide ranging and sometimes experimental  sonic palate, way over fourteen years of experience and incredible song writing abilities the band stabled themselves with the good folks over at ‘Saint Marie Records’ and ‘Our Goal To Realise’ was officially released. Now the band have returned with ‘All The New Ends’, a captivating three track release filled with the same yearning soundscapes that swirled within ‘Our Goal To Realise’, soundscapes that skip nonchalantly through accomplished layers of experimental alternative sounds such as shoegaze, psych, dreampop, indie & art-rock. ‘All The New Ends’ get’s it’s official release on April 13th 2018 and is available to pre-order right now on various formats via saintmarierecords.bandcamp.com

‘Amusement Parks On Fire’ are pencilled in to tour Europe throughout April with details available via twitter.com/APOF 

In a haze of reverberation and the rumble of distorted guitars the opening bars of ‘All The New Ends’ resonates on top of repetitive drum patterns and the hum of deep bass frequencies. Catchy chord structures pull intricate lines of lead guitar and 90’s sounding vocalisations into the mix melding shoegaze, melodic alt-rock and swirling noise into one massive sonic conglomerate. Up next, the instrumentally attuned ‘Temporal Rinse’ musters up it’s inner MBV as turbulent instrumental drones whip up a frenzy of noise permeated by twinkling tones steeped in brilliant production techniques. Intensely melodic frequencies sporadically bubble to the surface, looping and arcing throughout the sonic ether, creating magical sonic permutations that pulse with each passing circumference, intertwining at times with swells of feedback and the deafening roar of reverberation. ‘Temporal Rinse’ is a triumph and a highlight for me on this entire release.

The EP closes out with the immense twelve minute behemoth ‘Infernal Flame’. Noisy guitars accompany stunning vocal lines out into the ether as melodic chord structures echo through layers of addictive reverberation. A pounding percussive assault pulses from far below the mix before rising and erupting into an all out sonic assault on the senses as those throbbing bass lines follow tremulous instrumental progressions, carefully hugging those explosive drum patterns and soaring lead lines as they tumble throughout the piece. It’s a marvellous ending to another impressive release from ‘Amusement Parks On Fire’.







Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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