Vuelveteloca - Sonora - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Vuelveteloca

RELEASE: Sonora 

RELEASE DATE: 27th October 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Fuzz Club Records 

Chilean outfit Vuelveteloca began life over a decade ago and have previously released four full studio albums on various independent labels. They are renowned for their incredible live shows and have shared the stage with some immense noise manipulators such as ‘A Place To Bury Strangers, Dead Meadows, Spiritualized and Pond’. Their collective sound echoes through a rhythmic sonic concoction of driving psych, motorik krautrock and splattering’s of space rock drenched in dark, heady and sometimes atmospheric stoner rock. To put it in layman’s terms Vuelveteloca have that rare ability in today’s scene to change it up by becoming sonic chameleons when needed. The band are made up of Tomas Olivos, Marcos De Iruarrizaga, Juan Gili and Mauricio Lacrampette and their fifth album entitled ‘Sonora’ gets it’s full release on the 27th October 2017 via those ever reliable London based purveyors of all things lysergic ‘Fuzz Club Records’. The album is available to pre-order right now on lovely deluxe or standard vinyl over at fuzz 

The heaving pull of reverberation stuck fast to a motorik percussive attack announces the arrival of ‘La Niebla’, the albums opening salvo. It’s throbbing bass frequencies arrive at break neck speed trapped in a haze of fuzz that bounces underfoot with the sway of lead guitar and those swirling vocalisations. This track meanders brilliantly as it builds through explosive chorus changes and passages of driving heavy psych laced with the repetitiveness of krautrock and alluring addictiveness of space rock. Up next, ‘Alta Montana’ bounds into the ether tumbling menacingly on a wave of pounding drums and deep resonating bass frequencies. Surging guitars add to the melee pulling an intriguing vocal line into the mix intertwining brilliantly with stinging lead lines and heavy atmosphere. The impressive instrumentation eventually morphs into a singular sonic behemoth, pulsing morse code like sound waves out into the ether. The repetitive thud of ‘Ataque Masivo’ tweaks this listeners attention as it pulsates through fuzzy bass frequencies and the throb of busy percussion. It builds ever so slowly with the arrival of those hazy vocal lines and subtle stabs of synth before exploding into a cacophony of sound that loops and arcs throughout, dragging a continuous chug of guitars with it as it brings us all on it’s magnificent lysergic hued sonic journey.

‘Carnaval’ gyrates and undulates into audible range stuck fast to a menacing but repetitive drum pattern accompanied by lines of blues orientated guitars, throbbing bass lines and addictive vocalisations. It pulsates and drives brilliantly as it carves out a sonic trough, morphing and manipulating sound with relative ease into one animalistic wave of angry spaced out noise whilst ‘L.A’ slows things down for a while to a crawling acid blotched psychedelic wave that washes shimmering frequencies over this listener as it envelopes golden tinged sounds, repetitive beats and reverberating fret noise. It pulls you in before exploding into an angry sonic behemoth that soars skywards wrapped in punishing lead lines and thunderous percussion. ‘Vuelveteloca’ merge the throbbing reverberations of ‘L.A’ with the spaced out vibes of ‘El Lado Frio’, extenuating the lysergic trip in the process by injecting some righteous space rock into proceedings. This track is as menacing as it is brilliant with fuzzy driving guitars, ear splitting reverb and the constant thud of immense percussion collectively circumnavigating those impressive vocal lines. There’s a subtle edge of garage psych underlining the opening bars of ‘Tormento’ that is utterly captivating. Explosive guitars, pounding percussion and the throb of overdriven bass acts as a kind of sonic conduit for those intriguing vocals that are permeated at times by piercing lead lines and intense atmosphere.

The album’s stunning penultimate piece arrives swirling in a high pitched instrumental drone. ‘Vuelveteloca’ unleash what is the best track on this album as far as I’m concerned as ‘Chepical’ unveils it’s kraut like credentials and streams into earshot riding a motorik percussive pattern, an totally addictive vocal line and unwavering guitar signatures. Soaring synths pulse in waves alongside catchy chord structures as a seemingly unmovable bass line orbits in close proximity to those explosive passages of percussion and chittering reverberation. ‘Chepical’ is one of those tracks that catches you off guard, spins you around the room and deposits you somewhere out the back end leaving you wondering what the fuck had just happened. Marvellous stuff indeed. The album closes out with it’s lead single. ‘Cientologia & Altiplano’ is a modern psych gem that builds and builds continuously in unison with a pounding drum track and driving instrumentation. Raging guitars swirl around humming bass lines that collectively stick to that motorik percussive pattern. It’s vocal lines arrive in a golden haze, strapped to a massive sonic surge. They rise and fall through sonic peaks and troughs before dropping into deep reverb filled caverns and soaring lysergic hued cloud structures with relatives ease. It’s a fitting end to a bloody marvellous album.




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