ARTIST: Tengger


RELEASE DATE: 22nd February 2019

RECORD COMPANY: Cardinal Fuzz / Sunrise Ocean Bender

Originally formed back in Seoul, South Korea in 2005, ‘Tengger’ began life as 10, switching their name to (((10))) after the dreadful earthquake in Japan in 2010 before expanding their name officially to ‘Tengger’ in 2012. With a dynamic sound that hovers elegantly in a cloud of progressive, droning electronica melded with krautrock, atmospheric neo-psychedelica and born out of real world experiences, Itta – voice/Indian harmonium/toys and Marqido – analogue synths began touring around USA, Asia & Europe. Audience reactions, personal remembrances and life experiences on the road began to solidify their collective sound, allowing them to unleash a plethora of impressive releases until eventually in 2016 the band began to write and record their totally immersive eight track long player ‘Seyge’. Originally released on cassette by Guruguru Brain, ‘Seyge’ gets it’s vinyl release on the 22nd of February 2019 through the good folks over at Cardinal Fuzz (UK/Europe) and Sunrise Ocean Bender (US/NA) and can be pre-ordered right now via

Whirling synths pulsing through layers of intoxicating reverberation announces the arrival of ‘Donggrami’, the opening salvo on this addictive release. It meanders through a multitude of frequency laden sonic parameters, building in intensity before adding harmonic vocalisations steeped in deeply entrancing melody as we continue along in a trance like state, tumbling unabashed inside that spiralling whirlwind of intoxicating sound. Up next, ‘Haeoragi’ begins with a repetitive line of synth riding a swirling instrumental drone that seems to rise and fall effortlessly through hazy clouds of reverb. Steeped in melody, it builds and builds into something akin to a living organism, creating its own tempo (even in the absence of any percussion) as it gyrates through a multi-faceted sonic sequence of swirling electronics. Calm almost sloth like sonic permutations wash over this listener as it fades out into the ether before we’re introduced to the shamanic incantations of ‘Ollim’.

‘Ollim’ drives into audible range on a sequenced line of crunchy synth. Droning swells of instrumentation pull haunting vocalisations into the mix that build in intensity with every single note. Repetitive in it’s approach, this track is steeped in experimentalism, leaning into a metronomic almost krautrock like stance at times. Shamanic, hypnotic and deeply spiritual,  ‘Ollim’ is a standout track for me on this release. Up next, ‘Eeeum’ takes a pulsating but short atmospheric trip before ‘Gubigubi Badabada’ takes control and we’re soon gliding on a wave of swirling, golden hued synth. Droning swells of simmering instrumentation arrive, rising and falling in a melodic splendour, all the while building in momentum until eventually we crash into those shimmering angelic vocalisations and on into the tracks finale. The next track, ‘Gogae’, arrives in a splendid sonic haze, pausing to take breath before it glides away on a wave of short lived droning synth.

The albums penultimate piece entitled ‘Neoulneoul’ pulses brilliantly on a line of repetitive and darkly atmospheric synth as splashes of calming reverb emanating from just below the mix send resonating ripples out into the sonic ether then we’re into the albums final track, the mesmerising ‘Geuglag Wansaeng’. A pacy, sequenced line of synth streams into audible range rocking ever so slightly on ricocheting instrumental delays as haunting vocalisations bubble up from below the mix steeped in wonderfully psychedelic, esoteric spiritualism. Probably my favourite track on the entire release, ‘Geuglag Wansaeng’ is a monumental triumph and a fascinating ending to a marvellous album.




Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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