ARTIST: Singapore Sling

RELEASE: Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing)

RELEASE DATE: 2nd February 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Fuzz Club Records

Icelandic based experimental neo-psych aficionados ‘Singapore Sling’ have announced their highly anticipated ninth studio album ‘Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing)’ penned in for release on February 2017 via the purveyors of all things psych ‘Fuzz Club Records’. Formed back in 2000, ‘Singapore Sling’ are credited as being one of the originators of this experimental modern day psych scene with their music continuously being mentioned as influential to many of the newer psych bands releasing music within the scene today. You can pre-order ‘Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing) right now from

A menacing guitar drone ushers in repetitive drum patterns and a driving bass line as ‘Shake Shake Shake’, the opening track on ‘Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing)’ explodes into a reactive wall of deliriously erie cascading piano lines and mesmerising vocalisations that seem to be collectively held in some sort of static gravitational reverberation. Guitars wail and arc brilliantly behind surging bass heavy instrumentation as the track meanders through it’s sonic peaks and troughs with blistering aplomb. Up next, ‘Scum Scum Scum’ pulls itself out of it’s fuzzy swirling melting pot as mantra like vocals pulse through waves of reverb, constantly berated by unsettling piano lines and cymbal heavy percussion. We’re led a merry dance until that glorious chorus progression allows in some dull light and lifts the track ever so slightly out of the darkness only to collapse like some forlorn war weary beast of burden destined to sink back into the mix. A masterful track from start to finish.

‘Fuck Everything’ lurches into earshot on a brilliantly executed metronomic percussive shuffle as a swirling fuzzy instrumental drone circumnavigates the reverb heavy vocal line and that desert laden tremulous guitar line whilst ‘Bop Bop Boo’ swings into action held fast within a pulsating unwavering instrumental behemoth as we’re told to ‘Forget About God & Forget About Hope’. Happy days indeed! Up next comes the album’s lead single. ‘Evil Angel’ stews menacingly, deep within a discomforting psychedelic brew as those seriously off putting horns lounge precariously on top of a fuzzy undulating bass line. The lingering reverberation of the guitars and the turbulent shaking of a motorik percussive beat adds dark atmosphere as Henrik’s impressive echoing vocalisations swirl effortlessly into the ether . ‘Evil Angel’ is deeply experimental and fans of ‘Singapore Sling’ will notice it from the off but don’t be fooled, this track is genre defining.

‘Sonic Haus’ blasts into audible range on an angry surge of latent driving psych rock as those echoing vocalisations instil a sense of fear and trepidation. Throbbing bass frequencies hug rumbling percussion as it’s wailing guitars circumnavigate the entire piece washing it clean with fuzz and reverb before exploding into a mesmerising cacophony of noise. Thoroughly enjoyable and probably my favourite track on this entire release ‘Sonic Haus’ is definitely worthy of your ears. Up next, ‘Surrounded By Cunts’ marches into the ether on a repetitive beat as droning instrumentation swerves menacingly behind meandering vocals, driving guitar squall, undulating bass frequencies and those ever consistent malicious piano stabs whilst ‘Riffermania (Kill Kill Kill)’ ventures into motorcycle b-movie soundtrack territory and wouldn’t sound out of place echoing vehemently in films such as ‘Motorpsycho, Angels Die Hard, The Hellcats or The Jesus Trip’.

The albums penultimate piece jangles and plinks into existence on a surge of quivering acoustics and swirling reverberation. ‘Nothing And Nowhere’ meanders deftly through expressive psychedelically charged verse progressions coupled with brilliantly executed vocalisations and on into droning chorus parts, peppered at times with fuzzy & wailing guitar squall and those militant piano stabs. The album closes out however with the majestic ‘Nuthing’s Theme’, an atmospheric eastern tinged slice of experimental neo-psych opening up with sampled swells of brash brass sections and deviously good cascading piano lines that are all precariously positioned on top of a marching percussive assault. ‘Nothing’s Theme’ lurches forward through it’s designated sonic parts with aplomb as we’re brought willingly on a dark and twisted journey of psychedelic discovery. A triumphant ending to a marvellous album.




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