ALBUM REVIEW - Sherpa The Tiger - Great Vowel Shift - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Sherpa The Tiger

RELEASE: Great Vowel Shift

RELEASE DATE: 18th May 2018

RECORD COMPANY: Fuzz Club Records

Hailing from Lviv, Ukraine, ‘Sherpa The Tiger’ deploy a serious arsenal of seventies leaning cosmic sounds on their debut five track entitled ‘Great Vowel Shift’ courtesy of erratic rhythms, Soviet era synthesisers and 1980’s Vermona Formation 2 organs built in East Germany. From influential 60’s/70’s sounding krautrock underpinned with a bedrock of off kilter drum patterns to swirling 80’s themed ambient hued soundscapes filled with twinkling synths and heady atmospherics ‘Sherpa The Tiger’ introduce a whole new layer of sounds to this burgeoning underground kraut/psych scene that flickers between danceable funk-ridden rhythms and vast electronic experimentation. ‘Great Vowel Shift’ gets it’s official release via Fuzz Club Records on the 18th May 2018 and is available to pre-order right now on various formats via respectively.

‘Peninsula’ begins buffering in a haze of pulsing electronics closely monitored by it’s orbiting bass line. The arrival of driving metronomic percussion, a woozy accompaniment of guitar and whirring bleeps add brilliant atmosphere as they dive headlong in and out of swirling swells of simmering synth. There’s a kind of hypnotic repetitiveness here that is very very addictive and when interwoven with those intricate guitar progressions, cascading lines of various keyboard sounds and those understated sequenced electronics the collective sound transforms into something otherworldly. Up next, ‘Periscope’ shimmies into audible range trapped in a layered sonic patch filled to the brim with repetitive breakbeats, fuzzy sequential samples and luscious streamlined reverberations. Addictive bass progressions dance and hug swirling drones as the percussion track builds cyclically into a funked out psychedelic trip. There are definite 60’s/70’s krautrock tendencies here but they’ve been brilliantly dissected into an array of ambient sounds, injected with subtle indiscriminate psych-pop flourishes, deftly reimagined and washed with a shimmering sonic edge almost akin to modern dance music. ‘Periscope’ is sublime and quite possibly my favourite track on this entire release.

‘Golden Ratio’ gyrates endlessly on glossy dream laced swells of synth that build in intensity with each swirling circumference adding a mind-blowing 70’s sci-fi twist to proceedings whilst ‘Contre-Jour’ has a woozy groove laden undercurrent albeit accompanied by swirling drones and a monstrous synth line. A metronomic backbeat keeps the tempo solid while those swirling sequenced electronics and the funked out bass line cause havoc until we’re led into a magnificent break half-way through and catapulted out the back end into it’s glorious tripped out finale. ‘Contre-Jour’ is another highlight for me. The album closes out glistening in a neon tinged synth laden sheen as ‘Cavalcade’ swirls into audible range. It’s dreamy ambient strewn beginnings are quickly overpowered by a groove -laden bass progression, sequenced samples and that hypnotic percussive swagger. Swirling progressions of guitar and synth join the fray and we’re quickly swept away on melodic instrumental waves filled with repetitive hypnotic reverberations. It’s a magnificent finale to a wonderful debut album.




Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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