ALBUM REVIEW - Prana Crafter - MindStreamBlessing - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Prana Crafter

RELEASE: MindStreamBlessing

RELEASE DATE: 11th March 2019

RECORD COMPANY: Cardinal Fuzz / Eiderdown Records 

Originally released in a short run back in 2017 via Washington-based ‘Eiderdown Records’, Prana Crafter’s ‘MindStreamBlessing’ continued William Sol’s intricate investigations into mediative forest psych. Pulling acid folk, lysergic tinged americana, stoner folk blues and droning ambient hued incantations into an already burgeoning sound, it deftly highlights a shining beacon in a back catalogue worthy of investigation. Now Eiderdown Records, in a joint release with Cardinal Fuzz Records, is reissuing the album on vinyl with reformatted artwork and two bonus tracks. This impressive collection of tracks get’s it’s full release on March 11th 2019 and is available to pre-order right now on various formats via (UK) & (USA).

Glistening acoustic themed structures ebb and flow through distant reverberations as the opening bars of ‘At Agatha’s Gate’ materialise out of a delicately melodic ether. Intricate lines of lead guitar arrive, melding effortlessly with haunting swells of organ to form clouds of melancholic vibrations that cling to the surrounding frequencies as if stuck in some kind of suspended animation. Beautifully constructed and wonderfully infectious, ‘At Agatha’s Gate’ pulls you in and keeps you comforted from start to finish. Up next, ‘As The Weather Commands’ swirls into audible range on a subtle feedback-laden drone as bass notes cascade just below the mix. A repetitive guitar line dipped in sticky distortion arrives tumbling atop of rolling bongo hits as oodles of reverberation and those meandering lead lines whip and cajole the piece into shape. There’s a hypnotic almost metronomic swing to this track that keeps things moving while it dips it’s toe into a vast pool of psych-folk abandonment before we collectively fall headlong into the tracks final throws that are filled with clouds of swirling instrumental drones and shimmering swells of organ.

‘FingersFlowThroughOldSkokRiver’ is absolutely majestic. Wonderful western tinged acoustics merge with waves of droning psychedelics that all move and undulate in unison through clouds of hazy reverb. Cinematic in scope, ‘FingersFlowThroughOldSkokRiver’ is a definite album highlight whilst ‘Prajna Pines’ tips the balance with those melody filled lines of rambling guitar and heady atmospherics. ‘MindStreamBlessings’ arrives with a jangle of guitar as onrushing swells of organ swirl and flow through layered reverberations before breaking down into a fluttering of eastern esoteric vibrations led by those reverb fuelled acoustic guitars and subtle instrumental drones. There’s a serine calmness surrounding this track that keeps you focused on every little twitch of instrumentation right up until tracks end. ‘Mycelial Morphohum’ glides into the ether on tumbling electronic drones as jazz infused guitar lines gently languish on hovering waves of reverb and subtle vocal samples bubble up from below. The continuous drone pulls faster strums of guitar into the mix, rising and falling through swathes of sonic ambience and atmospheric psychedelics.

‘Luminous Clouds’, the albums penultimate track, begins with a whirl of organ, repetitive instrumentation and sporadic wind noise. Squally guitar lines enter the fray, drenched in reverb and meticulous in their approach as we glide through another immersive, cinematic experience courtesy of the illustrious Prana Crafter. The album closes out with ‘Bardo Nectar’, a deeply entrancing psychedelic adventure filled with a veritable menagerie of guitar lines that all merge into one fantastic ambient drenched finale.




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