On The Wane - Schism Album Review - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: On The Wane

RELEASE: Schism 

RELEASE DATE: 20th November 2017


Kiev based four piece ‘On The Wane’ merge a plethora of genres to form their collective sound, from sullen shoegaze to driving noise rock, throbbing post-punk to oscillating pulses of new wave and atmospherically tinged gothic influences. The band have returned with their third album, brilliantly titled ‘Schism’. This new ten track LP follows on from their 2015 released long player ‘Sick’ and see’s the band continuing on with their infatuation of brewing a heady and melodic concoction of stunning soundscapes. ‘On The Wane’ are Daria Maksimova – bass/vocals, Anna Lyashok – drums/vocals, Eugene Voitov – guitar/synth & Eli Demyanenko – guitar. ‘Schism’ gets it’s full official release on November 20th 2017 and is available to pre-order right now via onthewane.bandcamp.com

‘Schism’ unfurls it’s sonic tendrils swirling in a cloud of angry atmospherics as stunning vocalisations courtesy of Daria Maksimova ride a tempestuous feedback laden wave. ‘Truth Isn’t Bright’ undulates on a pulsating wave of sequenced percussion and subtle bass frequencies underpinned with periods of fuzzy guitar and electronic whirrs. There’s a truly magnificent post-punk edge cutting straight through this opening piece separated at times by jangling lead lines and the twang of whammy bar. Up next, ‘Fear’ creeps into earshot strapped to a bedrock of electronic percussion and the addictive hum of bass. Swirling vocalisations envelope the entire piece forcing you to focus primarily on their calmness as all around it swims in a dark atmospheric sea. Sublime guitars meld with catchy hooks steeped in reverb pulling this track into a raging break filled with tormenting instrumental progressions more akin to a kind of art-rock than anything else. It’s a simply masterful track and really hard to tie down influentially making it a stand out piece on the album for me. ‘Human Race’ jangles into earshot swirling through layers of deep atmospheric reverberation wrapped around a blistering guitar progression. Sequenced percussion holds a motorik beat underfoot as undulating instrumental drones bellow and move atop throbbing bass frequencies. There are echoes of hard hitting post-punk meandering through these gothic tinged new wave vibes that intertwine with intense vocalisations. It’s explosive chorus passages inject subtle moments of noisy shoegaze making it an utterly addictive listen.

‘Sultry Song’ drapes a sullen atmospheric film over proceedings as the pull of lead guitar battles vehemently through layers of reverb and busy percussion whilst continuously vying for space in amongst repetitive sequenced shakers and swells of dark fizzing synth. It’s an angry animal; dark, oppressive and almost soundtrack like in it’s approach thats majestically bolstered by another impressive vocal performance. Up next, ‘Revenge (Deeper Than You Can Imagine)’ bounds into the ether on a pulsating wave of off beat percussion, sporadic bass frequencies and resonating guitars. It’s post-punk credentials are laid bare for all to see but there’s an added hazy layer of production sitting just under the mix that makes this track stand out and watch out for the break half way through that will knock your socks off because the instrumental build that follows afterwards is absolutely immense. The slow almost metronomic opening bars of ‘Alcohol’ skulks into earshot riding a deep melodic bass line constantly harassed by punishing guitar stabs and menacing production theatrics. The vocal lines float effortlessly as it’s verse parts play out, building in both intensity and atmosphere until we’re finally thrown head first into a raging cacophony of instrumental noise as it’s chorus parts shift up a gear and inject some fantastic noise-rock into proceedings. It’s a blistering track and worthy of your ears.

‘Drop Bombs’ is a sonic call to arms and it explodes into a menacing crescendo with stunning vocal lines and brilliantly executed instrumentation culminating in a noisy angst ridden finale whilst ‘The Real Coward’ swirls around an opening guitar progression and a busy rolling drum pattern. It builds and builds before unleashing a broiling sonic behemoth filled with raging guitars and punishing production before calming into a slow burgeoning juggernaut, it’s vocal lines leading the charge as we’re led into a torrent of effortless noise. The albums penultimate track entitled ‘Home’ throbs as it enters the sonic arena. It’s opening bars are instrumentally reminiscent of modern day psych with it’s tumbling fuzz laden guitars and the angry throb of bass frequencies all riding a brilliant percussive beat but it’s when the vocals arrive that this track comes into it’s own. The collective instrumentation roll’s and twist’s to form a protective barrier around Maksimova’s vocals, filling every space with noise and atmosphere and allowing the track to flow freely as it works through it’s predesigned sonic structure. For me it shows another side to ‘On The Wane’, it’s also pretty impressive and possibly my favourite track on the entire release. The album closes out rippling on a pulsating wave of fizzing electronics as a sullen vocal track materialises out of the ether. ‘Bad News’ draws fuzzy guitars and angry synths into the mix to meld with deep dark bass frequencies to deliver a short sharp shock. It’s a brilliant ending to what is a very impressive album.








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