ALBUM REVIEW - Nothingness Is A Not A Curse - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Nest Egg

RELEASE: Nothingness Is Not A Curse

RELEASE DATE: 13th April 2018

RECORD COMPANY: Fuzz Club Records

Back in 2015, after releasing a handful of tapes and singles, North Carolina-based  minimalistic kosmische/psych trio ‘Nest Egg’ unleashed their mind-expanding debut album ‘Respectable’ to the masses. With a repetitious but controlled sonic assault filled to the brim with swirling analogue sounds, cavernous guitars, droning synths and metronomic percussion, reminiscent at times to the sonic conjuring’s of Moon Duo, Föllakzoid or Throw Down Bones, the band have returned with their sophomore release, the brilliantly titled – ‘Nothingness Is Not A Curse’. Officially released back on the 13th April 2018 via the good folks over at Fuzz Club Records this hypnotic collection of tracks is a heaving, sweaty pulse of instantaneously addictive, swirling repetitious noise. ‘Nothingness Is Not A Curse’ is available to buy/download right now on various formats from either fuzz or respectively.

The album opens up swirling menacingly in an atmospheric haze filled with majestic synth, droning organ, shimmering tambourine and the metronomic pulse of percussion. At first ‘DMTIV’ presents itself like some kind of garage-psych behemoth but instinctively drives a sonic furrow into the ether as it’s krautrock like tendencies are brought to bear thus beginning it’s brilliant sonic circumnavigation of a repetitive beat adding various instrumental fancies into the melee with each repetitious turn. The chug of fret noise joins a hail of screeching guitar stabs, both attacking the senses at different stages as those malicious shakers join in and quickly pull haunting vocalisations into the mix to ride the turbulent waves into a rather distinctive post-punk hued lead break. ‘DMTIV’ is a triumph, a blistering opening salvo and wonderful jumping off point for this album. Up next, ‘Print-Process-Repeat’ jangles into earshot riding a swirling organ drone accompanied by the strum from a glistening guitar progression. Thunderous drums rock back and forth on waves of throbbing bass frequencies as that sullen vocal arrives, meandering in and out of woozy lines of lead as the ever constant swirl of organ rises and falls just below the mix.

‘Denied Doctrine’ charges into the ether strapped to a turbulent instrumental drone and that metronomic beat. The chug of guitars sways malevolently on a driving bass progression as the vocals arrive and are lashed to within an inch of their lives by stinging lead lines and breathtaking layers of reverberation. There’s a hypnotic tinge to this track that is instantly addictive right up until it absolutely loses it mind and explodes into a massive wave of surging noise and meanders on into it’s fantastic finale. ‘Denied Doctrine’ is sublime and another definite highlight for me on this release. Up next, ‘Long Night Outside’ drives into earshot on a repetitive bass signature and those charging drums. Abrasive guitars join in at sporadic intervals as it’s vocal lines arrive steeped in darkly atmospheric reverberation and add to to the overall feel of the track. There’s modern psych at the core of proceedings here but it’s mingled with post-punk and riotous rock & roll to create a heady sonic brew.

The albums penultimate piece entitled ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ is a burgeoning sonic monster filled with swirling synth, pounding percussion and humming lines of bass. Reverb tinged vocalisations ride the tremulous sonic wave as collectively, the instrumentation explodes into something more akin to punk-rock. ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ is absolutely captivating, utterly absorbing and a bloody marvellous track to behold. The album closes out with it’s self titled track. ‘Nothingness Is A Curse’ tumbles into the sonic arena on a repetitive percussive assault as atmospheric drones and electronic theatrics steeped in reverb conjure up ghostly sonic reflections and those noisy bass frequencies add intense menace. Explosive chord changes accompany sullen vocalisations into the breech as soaring lines of lead guitar oscillate and glide in and out of simmering synth and noisy delay laden progressions. There is an almost cinematic ending to this track that is worth your time all by itself and it closes out what is another stomping Fuzz Club Records release.




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