ARTIST: My Favourite Things

RELEASE: Fly I Will, Because I Can

RELEASE DATE: 14th July 2017


Brooklyn based ‘My Favourite Things’ aka multi-instrumentalist Dorothea Tachler has been writing, recording and producing competent sonic soundscapes since the release of her debut album ‘Rarara’ back in 2009 and has transfixed audiences in the notoriously unforgiving New York City music scene with her beautifully dreamy, acoustic filled sound both as a solo act and with her constantly changing live five piece band which features various players from within the vibrant underground NYC scene. Her latest album ‘Fly I Will, Because I Can’ is a beautifully melancholic sonic journey swirling around some turbulent themes such as lost love, life and it’s many pitfalls. ‘Fly I Will, Because I Can’ gets it’s official release on July 14th 2017 and is available to pre-order right now on various formats via

The albums opening salvo entitled ‘Sunlight’ glistens as it jangles into earshot, stuck fast to an addictive acoustic guitar progression and underscored by a subtle array of impressive instrumentation and sporadic hits from various percussive instruments. Beautifully dreamy vocalisations wash over the entire piece draping it in light reverberation and intense melody that collectively adds a summery melancholic vibe to proceedings. Up next, ‘Everything Changes’ builds from its first notes and introduces layer after layer of instrumentation as it deftly meanders through a predestined production arrangement. Again, there are lashings of melancholy here as you float effortlessly along with the dreamy but addictive vocal tones of Dorothea Tachler and I can’t help but hear subtle but delightful touches of Americana swirling around in the mix. The opening bars of ‘Goodbye Again’ continue with the previous trend albeit on a more scaled back trip before the chorus soars up and out into the ether on a bubbly cacophony of golden frequencies. There’s a sonic battle of wills between light and shade echoing throughout this track as the instrumentation shimmers whilst it’s underlying theme drapes a dark atmospheric cloak over it’s yearning vocal lines. Brilliantly worked and both the songwriting and the production are faultless.

‘Still Practicing’ growls on a deep electric guitar progression that envelopes another outstanding vocal performance. The subtle wash of crash cymbal melded with a fuzzy layer of resonating guitar and underlying instrumentation adds weight to the chorus change before we’re dragged back into another hazy verse progression and on in to the tracks moody finale whilst up next ‘Some Things Stay The Same ( Stay A Little While)’ floats into earshot on a woozy cloud of tremulous guitars and droning instrumental swells offering up a glorious 60’s esque psychedelic twist as it loops and arcs brilliantly through shimmering reverb hued layers. ‘My Favourite Things’ offer up some fantastic folk leanings on this record and none more so than on ‘Growing Pains’. It undulates around a simple guitar progression accompanied by tumbling drum patterns and twinkling lead lines that collectively circumnavigate it’s soothing vocal lines brilliantly whilst ‘Nobody Knows’ shimmers into audible range swirling on a dreamy vocal harmony before wobbling electronics and tremulous guitars take over and sparkle on a steady metronomic beat. ‘A Little Closer’ sounds like a long lost Beatles track with its busy drum pattern and wavy, reverberating vocal lines accompanied by a persistent instrumental drone that winds its way through jangling guitars and stunning production with relative ease. Catchy hook laden chorus progressions lift the entire track into a gauzy dream-pop laden masterpiece and this listener is pulled with it up into the ether. Thoroughly addictive and probably my favourite track on the entire release!

Steeped in melody, ‘Keep Letting Go’ opens with slow tremulous guitars, humming bass frequencies and the occasional wash from the cymbals. A stripped back vocal track cuts through the production and it’s joined at times by harmonious backing vocals as the track builds, injecting meandering drum patterns and periods of fuzzy reverberation whilst ‘Spaceman’ surges from its opening sequenced drum pattern and opens up into a slow moving ball of hazy instrumentation. Dreamy vocalisations swirl and whirr through layers of reverb as this track steps in and out of fuzzy shoegaze and hazy dream-pop at will. The albums penultimate piece entitled ‘The Longest Winter’ rustles into ear shot on warbling instrumentation and the subtle brush of drums. There’s a air of experimentation here that is very refreshing as Dorothea’s vocals emerge into the mix precariously positioned atop slow moving ambient hued instrumentation peppered with sparkling atmosphere, brilliantly executed production and fuzzier moments of sonic contemplation. The album closes out with ‘I Don’t Know’, a full on dream-gazing standard. A bedrock of sequenced electronic drums act as the foundation for humming bass frequencies, various instrumentation, bouncing synths and dreamily layered vocalisations. A brilliant finale to a very interesting album.




Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

Del Chaney has spent the last five years dedicating his time to uncovering the best artists in the unsigned or small independent label based shoegaze, ethereal dream pop, post punk & modern psych rock from all over the globe & reviewing them for this blog – The Primal Music Blog. He is also a contributing  writer for The Sound Of Confusion (Now On Hiatus). His other arm  – Primal Radio –  has gained considerable respect from bands and promoters alike since its conception in 2013 & has helped him in actively promoting a genre of music that he is passionate about. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, he is a keen Vinyl Collector, Tattoo Fan & all round good guy! He is a self confessed music freak & is never far away from a studio console or a turntable.