ARTIST: Moon Loves Honey

RELEASE: You Drift Away From Me

RELEASE DATE: 17th April 2018


Danish based dream-gazers ‘Moon Loves Honey’ have just self-released their debut nine track long player entitled ‘You Drift Away From Me’, the follow up to their stunning 2016 self-released debut EP ‘Apart’. Their collective sound comprises of a hazy mix of melodic dream-pop deftly underscored with intricate indie-pop sensibilities, subtle C86 influences and blissfully layered shoegaze. Initially the brainchild of solo multi-instrumentalist Jeppe Dengsø, ‘Moon Loves Honey’ functions in the studio primarily as a one man band with various players and friends helping out on live duties when required. Jeppe Dengsø played most of the instruments on this album himself except; drums on tracks 1, 6, 7, 8 and 9 by Ludvig Kastberg & backing vocals on tracks 7 and 8 by Stine Drejer. ‘You Drift Away From Me’ was officially released back on the 17th April 2018 and is available to buy/download right now on various formats including lovely limited availability 12″ vinyl via

Beautifully translucent progressions announce the arrival of ‘To Be Without You’, the opening piece on this magnificent selection of tracks. Frequencies shimmer and flow through layers of stunning reverberation and the twinkle of synth as it’s melodic vocalisations arrive and instantaneously wash this listener in a wave of blissed out dream-pop interspersed by a glorious C86 haze. The constant pulse of synth, that slow & repetitive bedrock of percussion and those catchy chord structures are lusciously addictive whilst the bubble of cascading bass frequencies are also joy to hear. It’s a very strong opening salvo indeed. Up next, ‘Lonely Day’ fizzes into life straddling a lo-fi percussive swagger as swirling synth and jangling guitars take centre stage, both tumbling gracefully through the pitter patter of reverb and those catchy percussive fills. Instant melody fills the senses as lines of vocal arrive meandering in and out of catchy lines of keyboard with ease allowing the track to breathe. ‘Lonely Day’ leans a little bit into indie-pop territory although there are brilliant passages of dreaminess that simmer just below the mix.

‘You Drift Away From Me’ begins with some lo-fi percussive trickery before opening up into a wall of blissed out instrumentation absolutely drenched in swathes of sticky reverb. It swerves into the ether rocking brilliantly on a repetitive drum pattern as soaring lines of synth ride bouncing bass frequencies and hazy progressions of guitar. It’s verse parts are captivating as the collective instrumentation within envelops another impressive vocal performance and carefully guides us into that massive chord change and on out into the huge verses. ‘You Drift Away From Me’ is endearingly sublime and a definite highlight for me on this release. Up next, ‘Im Falling Out Of Love With You Baby’ swoons gracefully on shimmering lines of synth as ‘Moon Loves Honey’ dive headlong into a dreamy indie-pop haze once more. Riding a catchy drum sequence, this track has some fantastic highs but leans a bit too much into pop for me to comment on. Although those gorgeous chorus changes do introduce us to some fantastic vocal harmonies. The instrumentally aligned and ambient leaning ‘Blâ’ is simply captivating. It inspires images of frost laden landscapes and huge star filled skies whilst ‘Is It Just A Dream’ connects effortlessly as surging synths and pounding percussion unleashes the bands shoegaze side. Soaring guitars ride tempestuous layers of reverb as they accompany stunning lines of vocal out into the sonic ether. Those cascading bass lines are brilliant and they merge meandering lead lines, intricate melodies and some fantastic production. ‘Is It Just A Dream’ is a triumph and possibly my favourite track on this entire release.

‘Before I Crash’ begins with a single atmospherically repetitive synth line that quickly builds into a melee of beautifully layered sonic frequencies. This track explodes with melody as it’s soaring guitars, driving percussion and cascading lines of synth loop and arc throughout, deftly circumnavigating those blissfully ethereal, light and airy vocalisations. The albums penultimate piece comes in the form of ‘Should Have Waited’. A beautifully entrancing keyboard line pulses on a wave of reverb and it instils a kind of calmness over proceedings before this track explodes into a cloud of kaleidoscopic sonic waves and washes over the listener completely. Dual vocalisations filled with pockets of harmony swirl and ebb alongside shimmering guitars and busy percussion as the throb of addictive bass frequencies glide alongside glorious lines of lead guitar and the constant twinkle of synth. The instrumentation on this track is excellent and it crashes against layers of glistening reverberation with ease allowing those vocals to breathe gracefully. ‘Should Have Waited’ is another album highlight for me. The album closes out with the ambient stylings of ‘Replaced’. Coming in at a whopping ten minutes long this track falls headlong into a pool of swirling reverb as Jeppe Dengsø injects different layers filled with the beautiful melodics of C86, dream-pop, the subtle haziness of shoegaze and lashings of alternative atmospherics. There are highs, lows and some little psychedelic flourishes here also that bubble up from time to time and I can’t help but feel that this track was written to highlight a relationship breaking down or some lost love or other. Either way, it’s an absolutely magnificent ending to a wonderful debut album.




Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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