ARTIST: Melody Fields

RELEASE: Melody Fields

RELEASE DATE: February 26th 2018

RECORD COMPANY: Kommun 2/Soundeffect Records/Beluga Records

Hailing from Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast and armed with a sound that resonates effortlessly through lysergic tinged waves of 60’s Californian psychedelics, psych-pop and the poppier side of shoegaze, ‘Melody Fields’ are a breath of fresh air in the overly-populated melting pot that is the modern underground psych world. With three part harmonies, jangling guitars, deeply spiritual song structures and an ounce of respect for the pioneering forefathers of the sound, ‘Melody Fields’ have unleashed a self-titled album filled to the brim with precise instrumentation, intense melody and sweet sonic delight. The music was recorded at Studio Parkeringshuset where Hills, GOAT and The Movements have made their albums and the band are made up of David Henriksson, Ramo Spatalovic, Thomas Widholm, Henrik Bäckström & Sebastian Jannesson with guest musicians on this release courtesy of The Holy Wave’s – Dustin Zozaya on mellotron and Nils Börén on saxophone. ‘Melody Fields’ was released back on February 26th 2018 and is available to buy/download right now on various formats via

Tumbling blissfully within a swirling instrumental drone, ‘Morning Sun’ pulls rumbling drum patterns and repetitive bass frequencies out into the sonic ether accompanied by meandering guitar progressions and addictive hook laden lead lines. Magnificent vocalisations intertwine with layers of resonating reverberations as hypnotic lines of saxophone jockey and vie for space in amongst the glorious melee. ‘Morning Sun’ is an instantaneous kaleidoscope of sonic hallucinogenics and an immense opening salvo indeed. Up next, ‘Liberty’ bounds into audible range bouncing brilliantly on a deep permeating bass progression and the jangle of intricate guitars. Again, those absolutely lovely vocal lines captivate this listener as they weave and bob through layers of reverb and repetitive hits of tambourine. There are beautiful chord changes here, luscious percussive skips, cascading bass signatures and soaring lines of lead guitar that meld effortlessly with their surroundings, collectively painting a lysergic themed picture as we traverse these stunning soundscapes. ‘Run’ injects a heavier gear into proceedings as roaring lead guitars ride steadying drum patterns and subtle acoustic frequencies before dimming down to allow those vocal lines to flow though their verse parts with ease. There are brilliant chord changes dotted here and there permeated at times by lead guitar and deep booming bass progressions that keep everything moving as we fall in and out of spacious instrumental breaks and swirling reverberations and dive headlong into a mesmerising sonic assault filled with soaring progressions of lead guitar. ‘Run’ is captivating and a definite highlight for me on the entire release.

‘Rain Man’ is steeped in 60’s neo-psychedelia. Woozy, resonating guitars meld with jangling instrumentation before the pull of addictive bass and a busy percussive attack completely envelopes a stunning vocal track. Swooning reverberation and sticky delay add atmosphere but the star of the show is that brilliantly executed and deeply melodious vocal. ‘Rain Man’ is very catchy, filled with brilliant instrumental structures and another highlight for me. Up next, ‘Fire’ jangles on an acoustic guitar as closely orbiting progressions of lead, hypnotic shakes of tambourine and intense walls of melody evoke those sonic pioneers of old. There’s an air of positive accomplishment here swimming in-amongst the layers of brilliant instrumentation and expert production that is very hard to shake off and those harmonious vocals are an absolute triumph. ‘Trädgränsen’, The albums penultimate piece, meanders into earshot trembling slightly on a shaky guitar progression lightly washed in luscious reverb. Twinkling percussive hits ripple just below the mix adding an expectant kind of atmosphere to proceedings as sporadic pulls of bass and swirling reverberations arrive dragging a light rumble of tom tom drums with them into the slowly building sonic behemoth. It’s vocal harmonies arrive, floating blissfully on the collective instrumentation and pulsing through layers of reverb with relative ease. ‘Trädgränsen’ is all consuming, it ebbs and it flows, it falls into deep cavernous lakes of reverb and soars skywards when required and it’s a monumental triumph. It’s my favourite track on this entire release.

The album closes out with ‘Morning Sun (revisited)’. From it’s opening salvos we instantaneously fall into a glorious melding of eastern themed esoteric psych and flourishes of psych-folk that swirl and flow through hazy hallucinogenic clouds of reverb and intoxicating percussive patterns with ease. It’s brilliantly executed vocal lines are sublime and they’re carefully buffered by brilliant song structures and intense production. It’s a fitting ending to what is one of my favourite releases of this year.




Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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